Practice esports in a safe cardio way

Practice esports in a safe cardio way

Practice esports in a safe cardio way


Practicing esports is good for all children and for all adults, both physically and psychologically. Esports can improve physical coordination, physical status and self-esteem. But always fence the practice of safe esport

Feel comfortable with esports in an environment where athletes can train and compete in a healthy and supportive context; a respectful, equitable environment and freedom from all forms of assets and abuse.


Advice on safe sports practice


Next, we list a set of tips that will allow us to improve our sporting performance in the long run, but now minimize the risk of suffering an episode of injury and/or medical problems while practicing sports.


Previous activities to prepare ourselves adequately for sports practice:


Abans de qualsevol physical activity, cal poaching, followed by jogging a mica, nedant a little by little or performing movements without moving, then later stretching and preparing the cos davant movements that require more effort.


Good hydration and good nutrition:


When practicing sports, I will turn on the temperature to stretch and hydrate after the exercises, and relax the body to gradually return to the state of rest. Furthermore, it is also essential to follow a good nutritional plan. It is not recommended to exercise the stomach.


Maintain a good routine:


To perform optimally during sports practice in the long run, it is important to maintain a good routine to be able to exceed the practice of sports. Among the factors that allow you to maintain a good routine, sleeping for 8 hours (approximately) every day stands out. Rest is necessary to improve exercise in physical activity.


Practice esports in safe and adaptable countries for medical emergencies:


Taking care of the aspects of our daily life when it comes to practicing sports will allow us to perform better. Ara bé, no es a les nostres mans. Practicing sports in a safe space and adapting to medical emergencies only indirectly influences your performance (because knowing that someone is practicing sports in a space that does not run will allow a game that both calms and relaxes, improves performance ) but it will also allow you to act correctly and quickly in any medical emergency that may arise.

In order to be able to classify a sports space as a cardio space, protect it by installing some type of equipment or infrastructure that allows it to respond both easily and safely in the face of complicated situations such as cardiovascular attacks and/or fatalities while practicing a sport.


The automatic defibrillator, the king


Surely, anyone who thinks of a sports space adapted for a sports emergency thinks of an AED, or perhaps connected with the automatic defibrillator. An automatic defibrillator is a cardio protection device that allows you to save lives. These medical equipment are portable and carry and manage electrical discharges that automatically reverse cardiorespiratory arrests.

An automatic defibrillator is intended to be used when victims of a medical emergency are unconscious and not breathing or are breathing erratically. These teams themselves will provide indications per view with reference points on how to apply the electrodes on the patient.


Offer cardio protection


Each copy, more espais esportius are willing to install the equipment necessary to catalog the espai com cardio protegits It followed according to law or according to its own measure. It is important that all organizations and countries have a automatic defibrillator.

The conditions under which most physical activities occur can be susceptible to causing death and mortality. These happen in an obvious way and we don't know at what point we can find out one.

Therefore, from Neosalus we have the vision mission and objective of providing all sports countries with equipment to offer cardiovascular protection.