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Maintenance of defibrillators


El AED maintenance It is essential to be able to ensure its perfect functioning in case it is necessary to attend to an episode of death.

When purchasing one, we must ensure that its maintenance is included in the price, so that not all companies include this service in the final purchase or convertible price.

The vast majority of defibrillators carry out a self-check of their daily status and of the automatic functions that this provides, but it is not always sufficient and they have to perform other checks that allow us to ensure that it works correctly.

The importance of defibrillator maintenance

We have to keep in mind that a malfunction of the equipment can put at risk the life of a person, it is for this reason that both buy or AED defibrillator converter It is also a contract to serve technical assistance. with the objective of guaranteeing the optimization of the equipment 24 hours a day.

This equipment is not used on a regular basis, so it must always be in perfect condition as soon as possible, ensuring that emergency situations do not warn you.

Is it mandatory to maintain an AED?

Have a contract DEA equipment maintenance service it is obligatory according to regional and state legislation. The owners of the equipment must keep it in perfect condition and have it ready to attend to any episode of death.

State regulations are recull al Royal Decree 365/2009 of March 20. Please explain all the conditions and minimum safety and quality requirements regarding the use of external automatic and semi-automatic defibrillators outside the healthcare environment.

Al seu Article 7 explicitly provides “(…) public and private organizations, companies and institutions that install a defibrillator will be responsible for guaranteeing maintenance and conservation, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.".

it could consider a violation in health matters which could be subject to fines and sanctions of different types. Therefore, not possessing a defibrillator in suitable conditions without using it in a possible emergency situation could lead to infringement for the owner.


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Types of maintenance of AED defibrillators

preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance of an AED consists of carrying out comprehensive reviews of the equipment along with all its components and signals to ensure correct functioning.

This types of maintenance It is normally carried out every year and includes a check regarding correct location of the defibrillator and signaling in accordance with the regulations.

They also include both proofs of program verification install the equipment and always maintain it with the latest update available. It is important that during the inspections the electrical devices are checked in a computerized manner to ensure that they maintain their optimal discharge capacity.

correct maintenance

El correct maintenance It consists of carrying out technical reviews in advance of any problem observed in the defibrillator. The corrective visit consists of firstly checking the connection of the device to the 112 Emergency Service. Subsequently, it is necessary to perform the necessary tests or checks to repair the battery or the equipment problem.

Normally this type of maintenance of AED defibrillators It consists of the substitution of some of the fish or recanvis of equipment that has been damaged or worn out by your use.

Maintenance of display cases

Els Showcases are metal or plastic structures They have the function of monitoring and housing the defibrillator because it is always in optimal conditions to be used.

However, proper maintenance is also important, since damage to the box could damage the interior equipment. Is check the anchors in the display case or support, in addition to the coverage system. In addition, a hygiene of the així box is carried out with a change of batteries and vinyls in the case that it is necessary.


 It is the program to manage the defibrillator equipment, its consumables and revisions that allow guaranteeing traçabilitat in all aspects. Furthermore, it offers remote control of all the equipment, which allows you to have remote control of the systems without the need to move around.

This programming is an electrical solution to control at real time the status of the equipment and generate tricks or warnings automatically depending on any type of incident. This system allows the AED connectat maintenance He continued to act more sensibly and act more quickly.