Cardiovascular health in sports

ardioprotecció de l'esport d'intensitat

Cardiovascular health in sports


La cardiovascular health in sports It involves not only the cure of the person themselves, but rather medical reviews that can guarantee that the person can continue to assume the demands and rhythm of the sport that he or she is practicing.

These medical tests They can be efforts, biomechanical studies, physiotherapeutic recovery treatments, physical readaptation, etc. For people who are not professionally dedicated or do not engage in such periodicity, each time there is more collective awareness of the importance of undergoing periodic medical examinations to evaluate their health status.

Tot i això, hi there are many esportistes and people who practice esport who have not undergone a cardiological check-up, posant així, in risk the seva salut sense saber-ho. TO Spain has recorded a total of 127 fatalities in people who practice sports. The main cause is cardiovascular problems not previously detected.

What does a basic cardiological study consist of?

Un I studied basic cardiology It consists of a physical examination and an electrocardiogram that will detect potentially serious cardiac alterations that significantly reduce the episodes of death suffered. Still, there is the possibility that a cardiac maldiagnosis was not detected in a basic study, and that it could have fatal consequences.

Therefore, it is important to have a magnetic cardioressonance (CRM), which allows studying in a single examination, the function and the structure of the heart, allowing to group in a single test the study sequences essential to detect pathologies that can cause death. .

Els cardiological reviews They are totally harmless and very easy to understand, especially for athletes, as they allow you to diagnose cardiological conditions and prevent them from becoming infected and potentially having serious consequences.

El main objective of these reviews It is to guarantee the athlete, regardless of the sport he practices or his age, that he can develop his activity without risking his health.

Types of cardiovascular benefits for athletes

Since there are multiple cardiovascular benefits for athletes, we can summarize three of the most recommended for preventing death in athletes.

The best way to take care of ourselves is to prevent and prevent people from suffering from some type of heart disease and continue to subject their body to a high pace of exercise without a lack of control.

The specialists recommend that when carrying out periodic cardiological evaluations that certify that you are fit for a heart attack, some of these tests will be:

Prova de l'esforç

La stress test or ergometry It is based on a standardized physicist that provides a lot of information when planning training. We can also measure the physical level of the person and detect cardiovascular alterations that normally do not manifest themselves in the rest.

These alterations can result in physical exercise, as the rhythm of the heart increases for strength. From these findings, a cardiological evaluation is made depending on the age and conditions of the patient.

Thanks to these cardiovascular tests, possible coronary malties can be ruled out and other types of pathologies that may influence them can be evaluated.


This is a non-invasive test that provides information on cardiac activity on the surface of lorganisme. It provides a large amount of information and resources that can help rule out certain basal anomalies.


Els echocardiography It is a type of invasive and painless test that detects possible heart problems in different sports profiles according to age.

It mainly allows us to rule out structural heart diseases that are common in people under 35 and in older groups, it rules out aortic level disorders or systolic dysfunction.

Quan es recomana fer aquest types of proves

Els cardiovascular benefits for athletes It is recommended especially at the beginning of the seasons, the beginning of the practice of a new esport, for example, it is also a good moment to prove the effort.

Davant esportius events such as triathlons or marathons, in addition to all specific competitions, also take a risk of increasing the risk of cardiac problems, so it is recommended to consult them prior to the event.

From the Neosalus We are committed to healthy cardiovascular health to avoid accidents, and from an accident to know how to react and how to act to save the life of the victim.