The importance of first aid

The importance of first aid is saving vines

The importance of first aid


We are not aware of the importance of having first aid knowledge arising from an emergency situation. Knowing how to react in an unexpected moment can help save vines.

Emergency situations can be donated at any time, whether it is for a person who has suffered a heart attack, a victim who has suffered a traffic accident or a person who has suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest.

In any of the above cases, performing first aid techniques for the first few minutes is crucial to keeping the victim alive. Durant this first minute, If we act correctly, we can prevent subsequent problems.


What is first aid?

First aid is the first actions and sanitary measures carried out by non-expert personnel that a person with an accident or illness will receive, and who will subsequently be examined by health personnel. The first health response we can make is to become vital.

La main finality This is to be able to maintain the vital constants of the victim at first, until professional health care arrives. We must try to minimize the dangers by ensuring that the minimum possible consequences remain.

The main task is not only to provide the first cures, but also to provide psychological care to the victim and their companions.

La you need to act quickly and in the right way We can only tell you if we have advice on first aid to ensure its importance. Therefore, it is so important to know how to react and what we have to say.

A bad practice can be very harmful for the victim and could cause more harm and the consequences they face later. For now, we always die in our formations that give rise to any doubt that we are the heroes.

during this treated the victim It is not claimed that we are still capable of saving life, simply that we know how to maintain the vital constants of the ferit to minimize the risks and also the consequences that it is puguin to produce.


Steps to follow in offering help to a victim


The emergency services advise applying a series of procedures when dealing with an accident: protect, warn and help.

  1. At first lloc s'ha de protect to l'accidentat. People who do not have prior connections do not make any attempts to rescue the victim as they run the risk of becoming new victims. Here, the first step is to signal the accident area with the lights and the emergency triangles to avoid being caught by other vehicles traveling through the area.
  2. The second step that lasts until the end is avisar, contact more aviat millor with the emergency services to assist the accident victim, including: health workers, Civil Guard, Police…
  3. Thirdly, help to the victim effectively, applying the first aid techniques that you follow. In cases where these are not possible, it is preferable to stay close to the victim but not use any maneuver or technique to resuscitate him.


First aid training

En Neosalus is aware of the importance of first aid i per això, oferim diverse first aid training courses With the objective of sensitizing people and following recommendations of the procedures that must be followed when providing care to a victim.

Dins of the academics We have to find both a theoretical part that aims to instruct the person so that he knows what he has to do, and a practical part in which material is used to be able to provide a more realistic and qualitative training.

However, keep in mind that dins of the first aid training We can try different variants: a training focused on the care of a victim using defibrillators and a training more focused on basic first aid.

Trust that every day more, we will learn together to save vines. Remember that saving a life can be at your disposal!