The importance of safekeeping

Intercom for swimmers, water resistant, submersible

The importance of safekeeping


La importance of safekeeping In a space cardioprotegit is always important. We must not forget that cardiovascular problems can affect any environment or situation, but for this reason it is always recommended to have defibrillation equipment.

Qualsevol persona sense capologia pèvia i, apparently in good health status, potentially suffering from a cardiac arrest, has continued practicing sports, passing the race or going home.

Each year in Spain is produced at the risk of some 30.000 deaths, so it is important to have the necessary information and resources to be able to help the victims until the emergency services arrive.


Swimming and the benefits that tea has for the body


One of the majors benefits for the health of our heart It is the practice of sports activities. Thanks to them, it is possible to prevent the appearance of cardiac problems and reinforce our cardiovascular health. It should be noted that there are esports more indicative for the protection of the body that offer concrete benefits, such as the case of swimming.

Nedar is one of the most complete esports ever, between strokes and arms they work a large amount of muscles that make up the lower and upper extremities, along with the pit, the skeleton or the malucs.

The main relationship between swimming and running It is that the practice of this sport is highly recommended for people with heart disease, since it generates more large muscle masses and does not increase tension suddenly, a decisive factor for patients with heart problems.

How swimming helps cor cure

Practicing this sport regularly allows you to tone the muscle mass of your body, which is also important for cardiac, pulmonary and health support in general. For those people who have heart problems, it is recommended to exercise at least 150 minutes a week in three different sessions.

If you suffer from cardiac problems, it is important not to force the body to make extra efforts without recommendations. Nedar in this case, do not malbé the articulations since it does not fix them and eradicate there possible malalties in common articulations in other disciplines.

Swimming is a aerobic esport which generates cardiac contraction, increasing its efficiency thanks to the pumping of blood from the heart, thereby facilitating the distribution of oxygen through the blood vessels. As for heart pressure, moving horizontally into the water allows you to avoid sudden bursts of activity and maintain more control over the coasts.

Cardioprotection at sports centers

The importance of keeping safe is growing every time, but Neosalus offers products that can ensure cardioprotection at any center or spai.


Nagi It is a digital system that connects rescuers and lifeguards, thanks to this device we can know in real time the cry on whether all two and activities are being carried out at all times.

Swimming pools with a large influx of users are a very useful area that allows you to have at all times control of both the swimmers and the lifeguards who supervise them. In case of production, any type of emergency can be given a margin of rapid action.

Here we have an anti-ophegy system that connects the swimmers to the lifeguards and helps to avoid ophecations. However, it also allows the user to use the NAGI application to obtain all the details of the session. Thanks to Això, it is possible to establish greater objectives in performance and compare previous results with current ones.


Be safe and calm


swimsafe It is an internal Nagi application that offers a security component to the product, connecting the swimmers carrying the Nagi line to the lifeguards.

The application is the control center for viewing the position of each swimmer in the pool, along with the battery of the tags in use and the session history. The more complete both alarms are to notify the lifeguard of any dangerous swimmer. This product comes with a smartwhatch to offer quality and comfort.


From the Neosalus We know how important cardioprotection is to sports centers, so we offer a wide portfolio of products that have at your disposal equipment to save vines.