The Lleida Bombers Course, a cardio-protected course

Lleida Firefighters Course 2016 Cardioprotected

The Lleida Bombers Course, a cardio-protected course


Neosalus provides 8 defibrillators to the CX Lleida Firefighters Course, converting the així into a cardioprotected course.

A cardioprotected race has a name of defibrillators and people instructed by them sufficient to ensure a short response time to help the runner in case of need, such as a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Dr. Oscar Mendoza explains how to start running 10km while taking care of your heart:

How to start running 10km taking care of your heart:

- If you have to start training, the first thing to do is to consult the professional, comment on what you are about to start the activity and undergo physical evaluations to determine the aptitude for the activity.

- The ideal would be to look for a professional in physical activity, who will draw up a plan of agreement for each person, but if the idea is to start alone, the recommendation is to start with 2 cups per week, so quickly go to 3 cups per week of training. . Always in a progressive way and the difficulty continued from lesser to greater.

- Each training session will involve a warm-up, a main part and, finally, a return to calm or facilitated recovery.

- Planning can include physical preparation exercises such as sit-ups, swims, squats, lunges, etc. 3 x 15 of each of these exercises since these will help a lot when running, it is possible to do one cop per week after jogging for approximately 30 minutes.

- At first it is possible to start jogging for 20 minutes, if the answer is positive the proper time is added to a few minutes, if not there is a feeling of comfort it is possible to divide the block of 20 minutes into two of 10 minutes, one stop at the same time and anar- adapts to lactivitat.

- Progressively, the training begins to vary with specific treballs with the change of rhythms (alternate stronger rhythms, with lighter running rhythms), progressive treballs (it begins with a slower rhythm and ends with a more demanding rhythm), Speed ​​workouts (the idea of ​​these workouts is to be able to sustain for several minutes a certain requirement), it is not recommended to use mateix for every workout, otherwise you will have good physical shape but the performance will not be improved.

It is not recommended to have two rigorous training sessions, but it is very important to have good heat training at each training session.

Furthermore, it is important to monitor the heart through a canell monitor, as it will provide important information for training, such as knowing if it is difficult to demand, at what times the recovery will be achieved, knowing if he is working in a certain FC, etc.