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Defibrillators for all Vein Communities including


The installation of defibrillators in communities of residents is the most economical way to have an AED defibrillator available to everyone, including for the cardioprotection of families and residents of the building.

Currently, the DESA defibrillator is present in many small communities of neighbors, in community buildings and private habitats, each time more communities of neighbors and families request the installation of a defibrillator. DESA amb que fer facing an episode of severe cardiac death or death at the same time.

The installation of DESA DEA defibrillators in communities of residents near medical centers is the most important aspect of the mid-term transit times of medicalized ambulances.

We must keep in mind that after a cardiac arrest, every minute that passes after the onset of cardiac arrest reduces the chances of survival by 10% within 5 minutes of the safety limit to avoid death or neurological consequences. Greus.

Raons to install a DESA DEA defibrillator in the community of Veïns

The most important reason for installing these DESA DEA equipment is that an external defibrillator is the only electromedical device capable of restoring the heart rate of a person in cardiac arrest, which is essential.

Vein communities with DESA defibrillators installed in the building

A community cardiac rescue plan for everyone, including It is the perfect solution to cardioprotect all the habitats of a building or community of rural neighborhoods for a very economical price.

Defibrillators are an essential tool to maintain the chain of survival d'a person in cardiorespiratory arrest. DESA DEA defibrillators are the only electromedical equipment capable of detecting chaotic cardiac rhythm and restoring it during an electrical shock, these DESA equipment are capable of providing various shocks during the resuscitation of a victim.

While these electromedical devices should be used by the community, it is recommended to use the course for the use of the defibrillator.

The final of the quests courses in basic vital support It is to educate the children of the community so that we are still able to provide the initial cures and employ these AED equipment effectively before a cardiopulmonary arrest, maintaining the vital signs of the child in order to be served by the specialized doctors.

Due to the relevance of these defibrillators and the fact that every minute counts in these types of situations, these AED devices are not obligatory to install in neighborhoods of vehicles.

All room defibrillator included for vein communities

At Neosalus we are experts in installation of defibrillators in buildings, in charge of installing defibrillators to communities of residents in interior and exterior countries, installing all the equipment and offering maintenance services to be a community of residents cardioprotected 365 days a day.


Defibrillators for all communities including


A cardioprotected community is a residential building that is equipped with an AED defibrillator and all the six formats in CPR techniques, all the necessary equipment and training to treat a person in cardiorespiratory arrest.

So, not only did the community of residents install a DESA defibrillator in the building, but they also shared both formats in basic vital support.

Our cardioprotection plans for vehicular communities include all the components and services needed in a comfortable monthly fee, and we have offers for temporary cardioprotection in community spaces. renting of defibrillators for permanent cardioprotection.

Defibrillator convertible per month or season

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans for the convertible defibrillator equipment with maintenance, training and supervision of the AED defibrillator 24 hours a day.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT


Rènting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans for defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and monitoring DEA 365. Rental offers for permanent cardioprotection.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT