Promote the delivery of packages with drones to Lleida

Drones with defibrillator for the cardioprotection of large countries

Promote the delivery of packages with drones to Lleida


Neosalus, together with the Lleida Drone association, participate in the project that will promote the delivery of drone packages to Lleida.

It is now time to study the possibility of installing defibrillators in case it is necessary to use these unmanned aerial vehicles to attack the delivery of packages. Ara as ara, legally it is not possible, but it is an option in the future to have more in compte.

You can get the honest news to the daily Segre from September 10, 2015:

The Lleida Drone association, located at the Gardeny scientific park, has developed a computer program to allow the distribution of two kilo weight packages directly to the final consumer using these unmanned aerial vehicles, drones. The project is an evolution of the development that is intended for the transport of defibrillators in cases of medical emergencies, but applied to the distribution of packages (reinforcing the subjecció system), an option that the multinational electronic commerce Amazon has made. times you study. «It is about replacing the cotxes and using drones on the last tram of the distribution. It is something that everyone feels especially in rural environments where there are menys distribution capabilities. It is a bet for the future, because it is not just about having the technology but rather that the legislation allows it, something that is not currently possible," explains Andreu Ibáñez, promoter of Lleida Drone.