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How much does a defibrillator cost or who pays for it? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when installing an AED. The price of a defibrillator, like any other product, is directly related to the qualities it offers compared to other competitors in the market.

In this article we will provide all the information you need to make a wise decision when purchasing a defibrillator. A defibrillator is a medical device designed to restore the normal electrical function of the cord in a person experiencing a slow cardiac rhythm or cardiac arrest.

Això s'aconsegueix mitjançant el lliurament mitjançant elèctrodes applied to the thorax of the patient and a small electric impact of high voltage of short duration. This electrical current is the only way to restore normal heart rate.

Defibrillators are of various types, among which are manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Manual defibrillators require a medical professional to discharge the electrical shock to the patient, while semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators do not operate automatically if a healthcare professional is required.


Who is the price of an AED defibrillator?


First of all, we must be aware that the acquisition of a defibrillator goes beyond complying with the regulations, it is about an investment in the protection of the health and quality of life of the people who are involved. voltant.

When determining the price of a defibrillator, several factors must be taken into account. These include the type of defibrillator (manual, semi-automatic or automatic), the brand and model, the level of technology incorporated, the amount of company warranty times and the accessories that are included. Manual defibrillators are generally the cheapest, as they do not have the same built-in technology as semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators.

Semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators are much more expensive than manual defibrillators. These devices have a built-in technology that allows the device to automatically adjust the intensity of the electrical shock. This feature considerably increases the price of the device. A semi-automatic or automatic defibrillator will have a retail price of 1.000 euros, depending on the model and brand.

Some defibrillators come with a variety of additional accessories, such as a monitor, a backup battery, an electrical pack, etc. These additional accessories also vary the price of the defibrillator.


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When considering purchasing a defibrillator, it is important that you consider all the factors mentioned above. We will also help you make the right decision, as the price of the device varies depending on the type, brand and model, amount of technology incorporated, company warranty and accessories included.

We hope that this information helps you make the right decision when choosing a defibrillator. Remember that a defibrillator can save a life, so don't hesitate to invest in a good quality one.

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