Ways to acquire a preu defibrillator and characteristics

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Ways to acquire a preu defibrillator and characteristics


Hi there are different ways to acquire a defibrillator; buy or obtain the equipment. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages and the method of acquisition will depend on the needs of each client.

It is important to choose companies that have authority to distribute these types of external equipment and that complement the regulations established by each autonomous community.

Choosing a suitable company will allow you to create a cardio-protected environment for your organization in an easy and lasting way.


Acquire a defibrillator through purchase


The first option that is proposed is that of acquire a defibrillator through a purchase. This option is not one of the most common for companies or organizations, since these teams present a single payment and can mean a great economic loss.

The economic It tends to be one of the disadvantages of this type of acquisition, so many companies ultimately do not finish the installation.

This choice also does not help to create a cardioprotect space adapted to each client and their specific needs, since the obsolescence The equipment is an element that makes it difficult to update these equipment.

Another factor to take into account is that the maintenance These equipments are not included in the purchase prices of these equipments, so the things that companies purchase include those who have to assume this cost permanently.


Acquire a defibrillator through renting

The option of renting It tends to be the most common way to acquire defibrillators among companies or organizations, as it is the easiest and safest option for users.

Això is degut a que els seus payments It is possible to rent comfortably on a monthly basis and it is also the leasing company that is in charge of monitoring the installation of the equipment.

Això allows the equipment to be better adapted to the needs of each company and sector to adapt the process of creating a safe cardioprotect space for workers.

The companies of renting of defibrillators They have the most up-to-date models, since constant renewal allows them to offer the best quality to customers. In the case of doubts, you always have technical equipment that facilitates the assessment to those users who do not require assistance with training for their use and management.


Renting equipment with maintenance

Details of the options renting, we have plans that also include the maintenance of the equipment. This is undoubtedly the ideal way to acquire a defibrillator for any company or organization.

On the one hand, this option offers the benefits of renting, to pay comfortably and adapt the installation to the needs of the company, but it does not affect maintenance service Because the equipment is always working correctly.

As equipment that is used punctually is very important that it is always in perfect condition for its use. It is important to keep in mind that the maintenance of these equipment is obligatory According to regional legislation, having this included in the current rental rate is the most accurate option.

One of the advantages offered by this form of acquisition of a defibrillator is that it allows direct communication between the company and the manufacturer facilitating to be able to act quickly and effectively with a more immediate and lasting direct service in the time.


The rental that best suits the specific company

In order to acquire the best cardioprotection equipment we have to find that company that guarantees our services and needs. accompany us during the journey of creating a cardioprotegit espai®.

Per això, des Neosalus We also serve renting services for our clients, as they help create global protection plans and serve us directly with all the resources needed to save our lives.