Defibrillators for restaurants, bars and nightlife

Cardioprotection of clients and human equipment

Defibrillators for bars and restaurants

Defibrillators in restaurants and night light


The importance of installing defibrillators in restaurants, bars and nightlife before death, in a society that is increasingly aware of the risks to health, safety and cardiac protection.

Modern life involves exciting situations and experiences with emotions, gaudi and celebration can increase the risk of experiencing an episode of severe cardiorespiratory arrest.

As an introduction to the DESA or DEA defibrillators and their importance in leisure spaces, bars and restaurants, a defibrillator is a portable non-sanitary medical device capable of restoring a normal heart rate, in the case of an emergency with a saturated cardiac.

According to the Fundació Espanyola del Cor, at least 30.000 people die each year in Spain due to cardiac conditions outside medical centers and hospitals. I, approximately, 10% of these deaths occur in public places such as restaurants, bars, guinguetes, pubs, festival venues, discos and nightlife in general.

Why do we install defibrillators in restaurants and nightlife?

Saving a life is not a concern, I have in mind that cardiac arrest can happen at any moment, with a percentage of the population with heart diseases, celebrating in a restaurant or drinking copiously, with alcohol consumption at nightclubs, going out to parties or guinguetes de platja, There are many possibilities that are caused by an episode of severe cardiorespiratory arrest, so having a defibrillator will make the difference between the life and death of the person in cardiopulmonary arrest.


Defibrillator for a restaurant cardioprotegit


Another risk that can occur in the summer and that can lead to cardiorespiratory arrest is thermal stress combined with alcohol consumption, dehydration, or heavy exercise during celebrations, which can exacerbate this cardiac safety problem.

Thermal stress is caused by the body being unable to maintain its normal internal temperature due to external conditions at high/low temperatures. Thermal stress due to heat can be very important for a percentage of the population with cardiorespiratory conditions.

If a client or staff member suffers cardiac arrest during a party, celebration, or while out at the club, We must keep in mind that every minute that passes through defibrillation, the victim's chances of survival decrease by 10%, with a maximum safety time of 5 minutes so as not to die or suffer serious neurological consequences.

Responsibility and reputation with cardioprotection establishment


In addition to saving lives, the presence of a DESA DEA defibrillator in a restaurant or nightclub highlights that the establishment is concerned about the safety, health and well-being of its clients and employees.

It always has a positive impact on the perception of the brand, helping to increase the reputation and consideration of the establishment. Saving the life of a stranger, relative, friend or family member is not a concern. A life saved is a second opportunity to live and continue to gain these values.


Defibrillators for discos


Training for staff in basic vital support and uses of the DESA DEA


The installation of an AED or AED defibrillator in a bar or restaurant is not enough to ensure the cardioprotection of the establishment, but it is also essential to train the human team in basic life support techniques and how to serve the defibrillator.

This training in basic life support and the use of the defibrillator not only benefits the client and the establishment, in the case of a cardiac emergency it can also save the life of a health worker or a passerby in the country who may need assistance. .

Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques guarantees rapid and effective response in the event of a suspected cardiac arrest.

Tenint apresos els coneixements sobre The procedure of action and the steps that must be followed before a cardiorespiratory arrest, greatly reduces the nervousness of the medical emergency situation, increasing the effectiveness of CPR with quality chest compressionsKnowing how to use the defibrillator also reduces reaction times in these critical situations.


Reasons for installing defibrillators in restaurants and nightlife

Installing defibrillators in restaurants and nightlife areas in Spain should be a health and safety imperative for all autonomous communities. By having this essential provision against death and training staff to serve them, lives are saved and a safer environment is provided for clients and employees.

A cardiorespiratory arrest in a restaurant can happen for several reasons such as excesses during meals and soups, illnesses and cardiac pathologies, illnesses and accidents due to falls or use of kitchen tools.

In nightlife establishments such as pubs, discos and festivals we can check situations and people with different health statuses, so being prepared before a cardiopulmonary arrest event is of vital importance. 


Defibrillators for night oci establishments


In addition to the name of deaths due to cardiac aturations outside hospitals in Spain, it is essential that all these health, gastronomy and entertainment establishments install DESA defibrillators and train the company's staff in first aid techniques.


Legislation on defibrillators in Spain

To Spain, regulations on defibrillators In public buildings it varies from one autonomous community to another. Some communities such as Euskadi, Catalonia, Navarra and Andalusia have decreed laws that require the installation of defibrillators in public buildings and establishments with a high influx of the public.

It is important that mass nightlife establishments consult the legislation of the autonomous community and review their compliance with the standard to guarantee the safety of their clients and employees.


Defibrillators for restaurants and all inclusive


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