Interview with our CEO, Rafa Ramírez, to the newspaper Segre

Interview with our CEO, Rafa Ramírez, to the newspaper Segre

Interview with our CEO, Rafa Ramírez, to the newspaper Segre


The newspaper Segre, part of the Pimec Joves section, has conducted an interview with our CEO Rafa Ramírez. Below is the transcript of the interview that you can also get fent click here:

Rafa Ramírez is CEO of Neosalus and Cardionlive, an innovative company with an international vocation in the cardioprotection and technology sector. Currently, Catalonia is present with a look at the exterior.

I started with an obligatory question, how are you going to decide to undertake it?

In my case, the decision to start a business will not be voluntary, from night to day due to a lack of awareness outside of my professional environment and in need of reinvention. First I will analyze who had the most valuable information and who could donate to the market.

And who will be the starting point?

My beginnings will be related to the health sector and defibrillators. Since the emergencies are linked to the world, we are going to think about how we could continue saving vines outside of my sector. I decided that by dedicating myself to the installation and training of defibrillators I could continue exercising my profession. My beginnings are going to be very humble, we will start with a second hand laptop plus a mannequin to be able to provide training in first aid and from mica to mica we will evolve and install defibrillators in order to create the company Neosalus.

What is Neosalus currently?

Neosalus is, in fact, one of the companies with the greatest presence in the defibrillator sector, a leader in Catalonia with the management of more than 800 defibrillators in the entire State and a team of 12 people, with a very clear vision of become a leader in public access to defibrillation, that is, defibrillators on public roads.

Recently he created Cardionlive, a new company in the technology and health sector.

Since Neosalus is in a business model of serving people based on belief, we cannot agree to market defibrillators and provide training for our employees, but instead we will create and change the way in which they are managed. Thanks to a business acceleration program named Start up Catalonia of the Generalitat, we coincided with another company from Lleida, USE IT, with very important knowledge in the technology sector. The first impression will be clau i vam percebre molt bon feeling. All two teams will have an excellent relationship from the first moment and will now multiply even more the potential of the project.

What does Cardionlive offer?

On the one hand, we offer an electronic solution to control in real time the status of the defibrillators and generate tricks and automatic warnings for any incident (temperature, stealth, use of the defibrillator...). On the other hand, we offer a web program related to cardioprotection that allows managing defibrillators, including maintenance monitoring, expiry dates of consumables and student training. The monitoring and control is total thanks to the notifications, both to the clients and to the distributors of the devices.

How did you get the idea of ​​Cardionlive?

Europe loses more than 300.000 people due to a reported death. The survival rate is less than 10%. Applying a defibrillator every 5 minutes increases survival by more than 65%. The main problem is that there is little culture of defibrillators on the road. There are more than 500.000 defibrillators and almost 25% do not have maintenance, and only a few. These are available to people so they can be used by any person 24 hours a day and 365 days a day.

Recorregut tea, sens dubte. In order to develop the program and the machinery, who are the proper steps to enter the market?

Currently, we control 50 defibrillators in Catalonia, mainly in our province and in management of more than 900 throughout the State through the platform. Our strategy is to reach agreements with national manufacturers and distributors, among them, Germany, Regne Unit and France, as they are the main countries in the name of defibrillators. Looking to the future, is the intention to make more products or exploit Cardionlive to the maximum? We will exploit Cardionlive to the maximum, obviously, but we are thinking of a mobile solution for citizens that encompasses the SmartCity strategy by reusing the technology that we have created.

Would you give any advice to other entrepreneurs?

Sovint is the perception that if a mateix ho fa tot will be better and will be more controlled. Our motto is that we prefer to have 1% of an innovative project that follows a reference, than to have 100% of a local project without the possibility of growth. Encourage us to follow the philosophy that together we can create more powerful, scalable and interesting projects.