Smoking is also associated with cardiovascular diseases

Smoking is also associated with cardiovascular diseases

Smoking is also associated with cardiovascular diseases


Today we know what smoking harms our body I diminished our health. The main illness associated with smoking is cancer, but there are many more common illnesses. cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis or asthma.

This is because the toxic substances contained in cigarettes deteriorate the arteries and increase the possibilities that form blood clots. Furthermore, it is more difficult to remove the body because it increases blood pressure due to nicotine.

In the same way, if there are people in our environment who are smokers, it also hurts them. Being a passive smoker and breathing tobacco smoke is just as painful as smoking, since the smoke exposes a large amount of harmful chemical substances to us such as ammonia, arsenic or nickel.

What is smoking?


El smoking It is closely related to cardiovascular diseases. This is why the toxic substance that is consumed, in this case tobacco, is very harmful to health.

The quantity of composts that I counted in the tabac can reach 4.000 i, of them, the majority are potentially toxic between different organs and cardiovascular systems. It only does not harm our respiratory function, it also harms our lungs, oral health, among many other elements.

Smoking is considered a chronic addictive disorder to nicotine, which is responsible for producing all of these processes at the brain level. The person who consumes it, includes the consumption of this substance every day in order to become a dependent person, this is why later, smokers find it very difficult to quit. ho.

Smoking and cardiovascular diseases


The probability of develop cardiovascular malalties The causes of smoking are directly related to the number of cigarettes that are consumed daily, epidemiological studies affirm that smokers are 70% more likely to suffer from these problems, and more so are those users who consume a pack of cigarettes a day.

La nicotine exerceix effects directly on the nervous system lusuari central. While consumed, cerber sends signals that produce increases in heart rate and blood pressure. This sensation in a prolonged period generates a deterioration in the function of the blood pump, which produces heart failure.

Benefits of quitting smoking


Els benefits of quitting smoking They are famous and will appreciate both our lives and the people who are around us every day. The most important are: heart rate and pressure are normalized, blood circulation is improved and the risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced.

The risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases caused by smoking It is reduced to the moment you stop smoking. Above at any time it continues to decrease progressively as the consumption progresses.

Smoking constitutes a bad social behavior and a serious risk factor, the harmful effects of its components, especially nicotine, immediately cause the cardiovascular system to produce alterations.

In this way, chronic inhalation involves alterations to the circulatory system causing a damaging structure of the heart and blood vessels, ultimately leading to progressive deterioration of cardiovascular function.

From the Neosalus apostem pels healthy habits to have better cardiovascular health and thus be able to avoid incidents related to our heart