Intelligent maintenance of defibrillators

Low cost maintenance and respect for the environment

Connectivity for intelligent maintenance of external defibrillators

Intelligent maintenance of defibrillators


Neocontrol is a device developed by Neosalus for the supervision and control of external AED and AED defibrillators. Neocontrol detects incidents from the AED DESA, notifies the owner and requests technical assistance from Neosalus to resolve the incident.

This device for monitoring defibrillators in real time is connected to the internet using a 4G/5G SIM, and registers to our Cardionlive App, in which the owner of the defibrillator can monitor the status of the defibrillator. DEA equipment DESA and has a traçabilitat of the preventive and correct maintenance maintenance performed on the defibrillator. 


Intelligent maintenance of defibrillators and the environment


The defibrillator connectat both Neocontrol for the intelligent maintenance of DEA / DESA defibrillators It is more ecological and environmentally friendly than traditional scheduled in-person defibrillator maintenance. Performing maintenance on connected AED equipment is more effective than maintaining connected defibrillators.


Maintenance of defibrillators with online defibrillators


The defibrillators connected to Neocontrol reduce the number of technical inspection visits to the device, and consequently reduce CO2 emissions during travel, which directly influences the maintenance cost of the defibrillator and contributes to reinforcing the the company's commitment to the environment.

It should be noted that the in-person maintenance of defibrillators does not ensure the perfect status of the defibrillator equipment 365 days a day, as established by the regulations of each autonomous community, in the case of need, the AED equipment is not responsible for this operation. civil liability is the owner of the equipment if they are direct purchase defibrillators and the cardioprotection company if they are defibrillators in rental or convertible mode.

For all autonomous communities in Spain, it is mandatory to maintain installed external defibrillators in perfect working order; existixen to Spain regulations on defibrillators that also require the supervision of DESA and DESA equipment to ensure the perfect status of these equipment.

This supervision of defibrillators is generally carried out in person using techniques from different cardioprotection companies in Spain. All the supervision of these external defibrillator equipment in person has a negative environmental impact on the company due to travel, purchase of vehicles, personnel, equipment, etc.


Maintenance of defibrillators and the environment



Sustainable defibrillator maintenance


Besides The maintenance of sustainable defibrillators with Neocontrol allows us to offer our clients a better price of defibrillator with everything included. The acquisition of vehicles and costs of technical service personnel for in-person supervision make monthly cardioprotection quotes for the company or the individual more expensive.

Another characteristic of Neocontrol is that it significantly reduces the costs of installing defibrillators in companies or private cases, since our Neocontrol has a carrying case that protects against impacts and shocks. It also has an IP67 rating, which replaces the defibrillator display case for the protection of AED equipment.

Optionally, Neocontrol provides a battery pack with a duration of 4 years for all without electrical connection. The Neocontrol for defibrillators outdoors is an extra available for climate control of the defibrillator in countries outdoors or in locations with adverse climatic conditions and temperatures below 0.


Neocontrol reduces the company's cardioprotection costs


Control and supervision of defibrillators AED AED Amb el nostre Neocontrol from €45 per month with the defibrillator Samaritan PAD 350P includes information on our convertible offer of defibrillators with Neocontrol with monthly or seasonal contracts. Neocontrol is also available with a defibrillator with our CardioRenting Neosalus.


Maintenance of economical and environmentally friendly defibrillators


Neocontrol compatible with both external defibrillators AED and AED

Neocontrol is compatible with both Philips Heartstart HS-1 defibrillators for supervision and control, check if your defibrillator equipment is compatible with our control, please inform us without compromise.