Lifesaving defibrillators against sudden death

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AED defibrillator cardiac lifesaver

The cardiac lifesaving defibrillator


The need to serve a defibrillator can appear at any time and at any time, so it is important to be prepared. Do we know: where can we buy? what is it and how does it work? How do I use it? I On ho trobo?

Every day it is mandatory to have a defibrillator in public countries (airport terminals, shopping centers, gyms, schools, dental clinics, sports clubs, among others), to be able to face an emergency situation due to cardiorespiratory arrest .

Un defibrillator It is a cardiac lifesaver, an electronic medical device that delivers electrical shocks to the heart through the thoracic wall to treat a person's cardiorespiratory distress or heart attack.


How does a defibrillator work?


The main function of a defibrillator is save vines restaurant the heart rate of a person who has just suffered cardiorespiratory arrest and in these situations the time factor is very important.

These devices can reverse ventricular fibrillation or death caused by restoring the normal rhythm of the heart by administering an electrical shock to the patient's chest.

They have sensors capable of analyzing the heart rate, determining how to download and connect to which intensity level it should be performed.

There are more advanced defibrillators that not only provide high voltage discharge, but also guide the rescuer throughout the cardiopulmonary recovery process because the speed and compressions applied are appropriate.


Buy a defibrillator


When an emergency situation occurs, the time factor is determining, therefore it is recommanable that not only the health professionals at the disposal of a defibrillator, but That companies and municipalities also share these elements in order to save vines.

Purchasing defibrillators must no longer be exclusive to hospitals or health centers and public spaces obligated by law. With the technological advances, you can have these defibrillator devices available.

Due to the technical specifications of portability and easy handling, the defibrillators can be used by the first responder, without making a mistake by not having used them again. They are idols for the rest outside of the sanitary environment.


Cardioprotegeix the municipality


Neosalus is a leading company in providing cardioprotection solutions and aims to help municipalities cardioprotect their inhabitants and their lives.

Currently, we have different options for each municipality, entity or company, to maintain insurance for both inhabitants and workers.

Currently, the ACM call is active so that the application can be submitted through it. Furthermore, we are one of the most valued companies in the call.

The defibrillators that have Neosalus connect directly to the 061, and this is a differential characteristic that becomes the safest and fastest option in cases of cardiorespiratory arrest.

Become a cardioprotect municipality with Neosalus, request more information by calling 900 52 56 78 and resolve all your doubts and questions.