Pediatric defibrillators, the most important

AED defibrillators for children

Defibrillators for you in children, everything you need to know


Els AED defibrillators in children They are a fundamental element to treat cardiac arrest. Even though they were able to sow, they were also exposed to these cliffs throughout their childhood.

Cardiac diseases do not have an age, so the use of defibrillators may be necessary at any time. After having provided basic life support and CPR has been administered to the child, it is possible to use the defibrillator.


What age is safe to use a defibrillator in children?


Els automatic defibrillators They are a safe piece of equipment to use in larger children than anyone. It is important to keep in mind that the energy levels produced by an AED should not be the same for an adult as for a child. Therefore, use the appropriate pediatric defibrillation adhesives.

Els pediatric stickers They help to adjust the power levels produced by a defibrillator, this means that depending on the LED, they will use some stickers or others.


Defibrillation electrodes in children and with placement


Els defibrillators in children Requires different electrical/stickers. These will depend on factors such as ledat or the weight of the neon. For this reason, it is important that when purchasing a defibrillator you must focus on which types of electrodes are incorporated.

The main difference is the coixinet of the elèctrodes, pediatricians are designing why the discharge remains safer by the end.

Tot i això, not all defibrillators have special components. Some models are equipped with a button so that you can change the automatic adult mode to a pediatric mode without having to change the electrodes, the power of the defibrillator is readjusted depending on the mode it is in.

The way in which defibrillators are used in children is exactly the same as for adults, as long as you have to decide how to use the defibrillator or incorporate the pediatric stickers so that the discharge level remains the most appropriate.


How is an AED defibrillator useful for children?


Since the probability that children suffer cardiac arrest is lower, they are also exposed to this risk. In case you see that a child has fallen to earth and you don't know why, follow a series of steps that can help maintain its six vital functions and also save life.

The first one who has de fer is activate the chain of survival Trucant als emergency services. While these arrive, check if the child is there, if not, you have to place it in a lateral position.

In segon lloc, there was no time to fer a cardiopulmonary resuscitation finally the pediatric defibrillator arrived. A cop having the cardioprotection equipment must place the stickers on the neon skin in the areas that explain the most.

Most defibrillators are equipped so you should give instructions to the person you are using, so it is recommended to stay calm and follow the instructions given by the donor.

Finally, in the What was next necessary? supply a discharge, it will be the mateix equip who li ho indiqui, yes cal fer-ho, make sure that no one touches the victim while the xoc is applied. Continue with CPR until the emergency services arrive.


How to place the defibrillator electrodes in children?


La position in which the electrodes are col·loquin It will also be different from the one that is available to adults. The main reason is that a child's chest is not the same as that of an adult.

One of the coixinets must be placed on the right shoulder, just below the clavicle, the other must be placed 10 cm below the left shoulder.

Els coixinets ja go senyalitzats, perquè the person who in person knows how to differentiate who are the adults and those of children.

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