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Defibrillator for gyms

Defibrillators for cardioprotegits gyms


The importance of external defibrillators in gyms with trainers and technical equipment formats in Basic Vital Support against sudden death; the cardioprotection of athletes who are not always in the best physical conditions for the practice of intense sports.

Gyms are healthy sports settings that contribute to having a healthy life and a strong heart, but they are also places where an episode or a cardiovascular incident can occur due to physical effort carried out by a high influx of people 24 hours a day.

For a minority of athletes, strenuous exercise or very high cardiac intensity increases the possibility of developing arrhythmias, abnormal heart rates, irregular heartbeats, or even cardiorespiratory arrest.

We recommend prior medical reconnaissance before intensive training, especially for people who have not practiced sports either before or since most of the time.. High-intensity physical exercise in gyms, which has benefits for cardiovascular health, can also increase the risk of cardiorespiratory stress by a percentage of athletes.


Gyms cardioprotegits with external defibrillators DEA DESA


The installation of defibrillators in gyms, sports centers and boxing clubs can be decisive for the survival of an athlete who undergoes cardiorespiratory arrest while practicing sports at the gym., since DEA defibrillators are the only electro-medical equipment capable of restarting a chaotic heart rhythm.


Defibrillator for a boxing and Crossfit club


The presence of a defibrillator in gyms in itself is not sufficient to guarantee an effective response in the event of a serious cardiovascular emergency. The training of the reception staff and the gym trainers with a Basic Vital Support SVB course and the use of the AED reduces the reaction time to applying CPR increasing the possibilities of survival.

Since AED external defibrillators are very easy to use, prior training reduces the nervousness of assisting in an emergency medical situation.


The importance of Basic Vital Support in a gym


Knowing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers during cardiac arrest significantly reduces CPR resuscitation times. It is important to remember that every minute that passes after the onset of a suspected cardiac arrest reduces the victim's chances of survival by 10%. After the first five minutes, the chances of not suffering neurological consequences or dying decrease drastically.

The permanent cardioprotection of the training salts of a gym in the temps requires maintenance of the defibrillator, recanvis per úss or expiry dates of the consumables. Every two years it is recommended to take a Basic Vital Support retraining course to refresh or change staff, a reminder to use an AED defibrillator and return to practicing CPR maneuvers.


Defibrillator for gyms


Adequate cardioprotection equipment, the necessary basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and the rapid response to a suspected cardiac arrest can be the difference between the life and death of the victim.


Neosalus cardioprotection plan for gyms


We have cardioprotection plans for gyms throughout Spain; Comprehensive plans for permanent or temporary cardioprotection Converter of defibrillators with everything included from €35 per month.

Monthly fee of €35 for the convertible external defibrillator DEA DESA and the installation of the cardiac rescue point, the Neocontrol for defibrillators connected and monitored 365 from €45 per month, carry out the installation of the automatic modified air defibrillator display case at 112 for medical emergencies, civil liability insurance, maintenance of the defibrillator and Neocontrol, senyalètica, all the recanvises of electrical devices and batteries, safety insurance robotori. Our training in Basic Vital Support is 100% subsidized by Fundae. Cardioprotegit gymnastics certificate davant de la mort sobtada.