DEA defibrillators DESA per a cellers

Cardioprotection of living cells against severe death

External defibrillators for cellars

Defibrillators in cellers and vineyards


The DEA DESA defibrillators in cellars and vineyards are an investment for the health and safety of all agricultural workers and people who visit the cellar and the six farms.

With increasing awareness of the importance of health and occupational safety, the presence of external defibrillators in all work areas has become more and more necessary each time, and the cellars and the six vines are not an exception.

of fet The cellars may have a greater risk of an episode of cardiorespiratory arrest due to the physical demands of the work and the extreme heat conditions to which the cellar workers may be exposed.


Why are AED/DESA defibrillators important?


Defibrillators are essential medical devices used to treat cardiac emergencies, such as ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia, which are the main causes of cardiac arrest.

A defibrillator is the only electromedical equipment capable of restoring normal heart rhythm by administering an electric shock.

The cellars and vines are often located in the municipalities and medical and health care centers; These locations in the middle of nature, in Canvi, have a negative aspect; In the event of an episode of cardiac arrest occurring in the cellar or wine cellar, medical help will be available to arrive.


Defibrillators for cellars


A clear example could be the community of Castella-Lleó, where assistance times from a medicalized ambulance are more than 10 minutes, and can arrive at the end of 24 minutes in various municipalities.

A cardiac arrest occurs every minute for the survival of the victim., so keep in mind that Every minute that passes after a cardiac arrest begins, the victim's chances are reduced by 10%, and 5 minutes are the maximum safe time.


Benefits of having defibrillators in cellars and vineyards


  1. Quick response to medical emergencies at cellar or vinya: The rapid availability of a defibrillator to the cellar can be the difference between life and death in cases of cardiac emergencies. Every minute spent having a defibrillator can be decisive for the survival of the victim.

  2. Protection of agricultural workers and the packaging center: Cellar and winery workers carry out strenuous physical tasks in various climatic conditions. Això may pose some people at risk of suffering heart problems. A defibrillator provides an additional layer of safe cardio for these workers.

  3. Millora of the celler's reputation: They point out that they are concerned about the safety of their employees, increasing their reputation and increasing the well-being and protection of their employees. Visitors and tourists who love wine also value the brand's commitment to the health and safety of people.


Cardioprotection and sustainability in cellars de vi


Investing in defibrillators for the cardioprotection of cellars and windows is an intelligent decision that can have a significant impact on the safety of workers, visitors and also the environment.

The defibrillators, in addition to being a proactive measure that save lives, also reflect the company's commitment to the health and well-being of its employees, while enhancing the corporate image and reinforcing CSR.


Cardioprotection of agricultural workers


Our Neocontrol is perfect for cardioprotection of outdoor and indoor spaces, it is perfect as a defibrillator for a car or tractor, it has 4G/5G connection and monitoring of the status of the defibrillator in real time.

Neocontrol monitors the defibrillator 24 hours a day If you detect an incident, request a maintenance inspection or repair from Neosalus, but only carry out the displacement without a technical intervention. Substitute the trips of in-person supervision of defibrillators online, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce the carbon burden of cellar cardioprotection. We are committed to the environment and will be a “CarbonFree” company by 2030.

Besides Neocontrol has an IP67 rating against shock and impact, it is an excellent waterproof device that protects the defibrillator from shock and humidity, a protective case that both protects the AED and withstands inclement weather.

Els Neocontrol defibrillators are available in the modality of renting of defibrillators all included, all components are included, senyalètica, installation costs, civil/accident insurance, recanvis, maintenance and training in Basic Vital Support subsidized, a specific secure cardio plan for each celler from €45/month per defibrillator, with the supervision of the equipment in our Cardionlive App.

For cardioprotection of vines during outdoor or seasonal work, dispose of the convertible defibrillators with everything included, just like renting for the purpose of obtaining your defibrillators only for the months that cardioprotection requires.