External defibrillators for the entire home, included

DEA defibrillators DESA for home and individuals

Private defibrillator cardioprotected home

Defibrillators for the entire home, included


If you are thinking about purchasing an external defibrillator AED or AED for your home, Neosalus has offers of defibrillators and cardioprotection plans for individuals.

External defibrillators are increasingly common electromedical equipment in neighborhoods and communities, cardioprotection in private spaces such as habitats and buildings is on the rise throughout Spain.

A defibrillator at home with the training in Basic Vital Support SVB imparted to all members of the family, providing comprehensive cardioprotection against death at home.


Recommendations for buying a particular AED defibrillator


If you are certain that you will spend most of the time at home, and that a cardiac arrest can occur in both adults and children, choose to purchase a pediatric defibrillator for yourself. It will cover all family members with a defibrillator unit.


Defibrillators for home family cardioprotection


We recommend Neosalus to individuals Samaritan defibrillators PAD 350P, Samaritan PAD 360P and the Samaritan PAD 500P, this one is equipped with one of the most advanced defibrillators on the market.

Keep in mind that after cardiac arrest, the reaction time to apply CPR is of vital importance for the survival of the victim. Every minute that passes from the start of a cardiorespiratory arrest reduces the chances of survival by 10%, and 5 minutes are the safe limit time.


Why buy a defibrillator for your home?


In health emergencies in the rural area, to travel distances and distances the response time of an ambulance that must assist a person in cardiorespiratory arrest can arrive within 24 minutes, so that the chain of survival It's trenqui.

In small cities of Spain with the passage to Castella Lleó, the average response time from a cardiorespiratory arrest for part of the USVB Vital Basic Support units is 13 minutes and ambulatory medical services of Emergències UME is 11,50 minutes.


Defibrillators for private cases


Due to the response times raised by the sanitary services to arrive at the locations and/or municipalities of Spain that are further away, in countries where the sanitary helicopter ends it will take us more than 24 minutes to arrive at the lloc. For this lack of effectiveness in the event of cardiac arrest, it is imperative to acquire a defibrillator at home and protect the entire family from the death suffered., strokes, heart attacks, etc.

Per fer facing a situation of cardiac arrest at home, fer a Basic CPR or Suport Vital Bàsic courses All family members will ensure effective assistance in a medical emergency situation, this training in first aid reduces the nervousness and confusion of witnessing a cardiac arrest in a member of our family, knowing how to react effectively is determinant for the survival of the person in cardiac arrest.


Defibrillator for pediatric and adult homes


El defibrillator for individuals Every cop the more you are in Spain, is a measure of self-protection against sudden death, an electro-medical equipment capable of resynchronizing the chaotic rhythm of the heart during cardiac arrest.

If emergency medical services occur due to a cardiac arrest in a family member, it will take you more than 5 minutes to arrive home at the end of the day, buying or purchasing a private defibrillator will increase the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest.


Cardioprotection of both external defibrillators


A defibrillator for the home is a guarantee of medical assistance until the doctors arrive, a portable device that we can carry with us on all family trips and vacations, our defibrillators for the home are small in size. for easy transportation. The defibrillator for home is also a defibrillator for the garden, for excursions, for taking it to our vacations as well as the emergency pharmacy.

We have cardioprotection plans for individuals throughout Spain, a cardioprotection plan for all defibrillators bandage and an other pla of defibrillator convertible with everything included from €35 per month (VAT not included).