Outdoor defibrillators in the elements

Protection, supervision and climate control of DESA DEA equipment

Defibrillator for outdoor installation pool

Outdoor defibrillators


The installation of DESA DEA defibrillators in countries outside the elements requires extra protection of the defibrillator due to adverse weather conditions.

A defibrillator is an electro-medical piece of equipment that must always be kept in perfect condition, isolating the defibrillator from humidity, freezing cold or heat is essential to comply with both the technical specifications of the defibrillator manufacturer ·lador.

As a general rule, external defibrillators, as long as the temperature is, maintain the specifications with both a maximum and a minimum optimal performance. The Samaritan PAD series defibrillator is designed to function optimally between 0ºC and 50ºC, using the defibrillator outside this range of temperatures may cause malfunction of the AED equipment and reduce the useful life of the defibrillator. l'aparell.


Outdoor defibrillators in the elements


Humidity is another important factor when installing defibrillators outdoors, a waterproof display case or a waterproof defibrillator carrying case is the simplest and most effective solution when it comes to preserving the defibrillator. ·Lador in perfect condition due to the humidity of the environment. There is a historical climate record for all of Spain in which we can have an annual view of the climate of each area.

The temperature and solar radiation during the hottest months can exceed the 50ºC maximum set by the manufacturer of the defibrillator, so correctly locating the defibrillator is the determining factor for its perfect functioning. DEA team.

On the other hand, the winter months depending on the locations, the temperatures can drop below -0ºC and thus cause the premature discharge of the defibrillator batteries or the malfunction of consumables.

Depending on the location of the defibrillator, it may be more or less exposed to water, cold, snow or high temperatures, so it is important to consider the ideal location of the cardiac rescue point. climatology and specifications of the defibrillator manufacturer.


Neosalus solutions for outdoor defibrillators


Our company offers solutions for cardioprotection of the country, our catalog disposes of showcases for defibrillators outdoors with a UV filter, have a totem display case or cardiac rescue columns with RAL paint for exterior protection.


Defibrillators for installation sites in foreign countries


Davant the problem of thermal insulation of defibrillator equipment outdoors, Neosalus hem desenvolupat Neocontrol, a device for climate control for an AED or AED defibrillator that also maintains the temperature between the values ​​set by the manufacturer and thus ensures the perfect functioning of the defibrillator 365 days a day.

Neocontrol is a device from Neosalus Solutions designed to monitor the status of the defibrillator in real time while controlling and maintaining optimal defibrillator temperature 365 days a day.

Our Neocontrol for defibrillators outdoors is the definitive solution to the possible maintenance problem of the defibrillator, with Neocontrol and the supervision of all your defibrillators in real time, you will have the certainty that your defibrillators They are in perfect condition.

Our device for monitoring, supervising and climate control of external defibrillators is the most ecological and effective solution on the market for intelligent maintenance of defibrillators that now reduces CO2 emissions for the displacement of state supervision required by regulations to each Autonomous Community of Spain.

Outdoor defibrillators are electromedical devices exposed to high temperature changes, solar radiation, many times they can cause impacts or shocks to the defibrillator glass cases, which in most cases are made of PVC and reduce optimal operating conditions. conservation or useful life of laparell.


Cardioprotection of foreign countries with Neocontrol


Neocontrol is perfect for outdoor defibrillators in campsites, hotels and rural allotments, national parks, swimming pools, municipalities, soccer camps, beaches, mountain shelters, ski slopes, shopping centers, cellars and wineries, lighting. , etc. The locations of a defibrillator outdoors must have special characteristics and protective equipment for the defibrillator to be kept in perfect condition.


Defibrillators for campsites cardioprotection of campers


There is no cap available with our Neocontrol, with an IP67 and a waterproof case with a UV filter, together with a defibrillator climate control system, Neocontrol guarantees the perfect status of the defibrillator 24 hours a day 365 dies de l'any. With the control of status and supervision of the defibrillator using our Cardionlive app, the client has a traçabilitat of the maintenance carried out, the incidents detected and the resolutions of incidents by the technical service of Neosalus.

Rest assured that all of your defibrillators in foreign countries are in perfect condition for the time they are available.

Our prices for defibrillators and the coverage of our cardioprotection services far exceed the competition, those who carry out the maintenance of the defibrillators and their supervision in person, increasing the cost of the service and the CO2 emissions during travel.

consult the nostres rental and convertible defibrillator offers, we serve the regulations on AED defibrillators DESA to Spain, we are experts in cardioprotection in Spain and serve all of Spain.