Defibrillators for all schools, including

Cardioprotection of students, teachers and administrative staff

Cardiac rescue points for colleges and educational centers

Defibrillators for colleges and educational centers


Defibrillators for all schools, including cardioprotection programs for schools, institutes and universities with AED equipment and training in basic life support and AED use for all staff at the educational center.

Cardiac arrest is one of the main causes of death in Europe. According to the European Ressuscitation Council, approximately 700.000 heart attacks are registered each year in Europe, and given that the prevalence is lower in young people, the figure is not insignificant.

Defibrillators in public and private schools are designed to effectively combat death caused by cardiorespiratory arrest. In the event of cardiac arrest, each minute that passes reduces the chance of survival by 10%, and 5 minutes are the safe limit.

Important reasons to have a defibrillator and CPR training available to colleges:

  1. Installing a defibrillator in a school every day assists a multitude of students, teachers and administrative staff, guaranteeing an effective response to a cardiorespiratory arrest during school hours.
  2. A DEA DESA defibrillator is an essential tool for the chain of survivalAn AED is the only electromedical equipment capable of reversing severe cardiac arrest.
  3. Training in basic life support for all teachers and students reinforces the cardioprotection of the school with effective and immediate resuscitation.
  4. In rural areas, medical response times exceeding 5 minutes are essential for the protection of life. Remember that in most rural areas the arrival times of an ambulance can exceed 12 minutes, although infrastructure, distances or roads are not always in the best conditions.

Having an AED defibrillator in a school, college, institute, university, training center or an academy leading to a death event designed to make the difference between life and death.

Given that it is believed that children and young people are exempt from having a severe cardiac arrest (PCS), schools through their activities can detect situations that lead to cardiopulmonary arrest for various reasons:


  1. Intense physical activity: During sports or physical education, extreme exertion or physical trauma can trigger cardiac arrest in children with previously undiagnosed cardiac conditions.
  2. Accidents, falls, knocks or traumas: Falls from different levels, crashes into the pit or accidents can lead to unexpected cardiac events.
  3. Pre-existing medical pathologies: Some students may have undiagnosed heart conditions that can cause cardiac arrest under stress or strain.
  4. Greus allergic reactions: A severe anaphylactic reaction can lead to cardiac arrest if it is not treated immediately.

Having a defibrillator in perfect working conditions in a legal institution is obligatory by regional regulations, there are sanctions for non-compliance of the defibrillator maintenance, consult here the regulations on external defibrillators DEA DESA of the autonomous community.

La installation of defibrillators in schools and schools It must be installed in a visible and accessible location along with adequate signaling of the fastest route to the school's cardiac rescue point.

In case of cardiac arrest, we must ensure that the maximum safety time is not exceeded 5 minutes, so the defibrillator cannot be more than 2 minutes away from any point of the street enclosure. legi cardioprotegit.


Col·legis cardioprotegits amb defibril·lators for pediatrics and adults


The installation of DESA defibrillators in all the countries' habitats could save more than 40.000 vines worldwide, due to the ease of use of these electromedical devices for any person with training and experience in the first place. Help me use them and save some vines.

A college cardioprotect with DESA defibrillators DEA offers extra safe cardio before an episode of cardiopulmonary arrest, a first assistance to maintain vital signs until the arrival of the medicalized ambulance.


Defibrillator for pediatric and adult colleges


In many populations, school centers are more than 5 minutes away from a medical center, so a defibrillator and training in basic life support is the only help we can have in these critical moments, for now Being prepared is so important.

There is no joint and homogeneous cardioprotection regulations at the national level that oblige all the collegis to equip the six classrooms and installations with defibrillators, but it is up to the autonomous communities to legislate on the DESA defibrillators as a whole. · legis i centers educatius.

Today I exist regulations on defibrillators DEA DESA per autonomous communities, those who are required to install defibrillators in schools with the objective of rescuing children, students and teachers who are experiencing cardiac arrest, providing a response with the maximum immediate response within the first five minutes.


Characteristics of DESA defibrillators for schools


Defibrillators have advanced at the rate that technologies are becoming more advanced every time. The mateix aparell is the one responsible for analyzing the heart rate of the victim and indicating whether or not to apply an electrical shock.

The main characteristic of an AED defibrillator for schools and educational centers is that it must be a defibrillator suitable for pediatrics and adults., a DEA equipment mateix that can cover the entire age range of the col·legi.

The advances in cardioprotection are that any person who knows how to use a defibrillator without having to carry out training or without having any notions, faces that We always recommend prior training to reduce reaction times and nervousness of the situation.. To use a defibrillator, simply open the cover and follow the instructions that come with the defibrillator.

The defibrillators DESA with the automatic trick to the emergency telephone number 112, offer the rescuer extra telephone help from the emergency medical services that attend the trick, and activate the protocol for cardiorespiratory arrest by sending an ambulance for advanced life support ends at the lloc dels fets.


En Neosalus We are experts in cardioprotection of schools and schools, implementing cardioprotection plans for schools that provide rapid and effective care for cardiopulmonary arrest at schools. Consult our offers on defibrillators both including for colleges and educational centers.

Defibrillator convertible per month or season

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Rènting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

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