Format courses for schools

First aid courses at educational centers

Format courses for schools


Neosalus will teach the little ones the importance of first aid and to help them design the courses “Nens saving vines at school”.

The initiative covers 250 4th grade primary school students at 6 educational centers in the city of Lleida and consists of 3-hour courses combining theory and practice taught by specialized instructors so that children can learn the basics of first aid.

The objective is to raise awareness that in any unexpected situation related to health, it is necessary to quickly call 112 to help, but also to act in a safe manner to rescue an unconscious victim, placing him or her in the lateral position of the victim. seguretat. Also identify dangerous situations and understand the basic aspects of using semi-automatic defibrillators.

Among the main continguts, we teach that first aid is the basic life support and the use of the AED (Automatic External Defibrillators), among other important aspects in the case that there is an unconscious victim.

Finally, it is important to encourage the participation of children who are interested in the collaboration of any unforeseen event of an unconscious victim.

During the course women's activities continued to be more entertaining and the children learned to save vines in a satisfactory manner.