Advice for a safe Sant Joan revetlla

How to pass the Sant Joan night safely

Advice for a safe Sant Joan revetlla


Unfortunately, accidents with firecrackers are repeated every year. With this view of the Sant Joan display, we are responsible for the Civil Protection Councils for the handling of firecrackers and an introduction of first aid in case of accident.

The Department of the Interior of the Generalitat of Catalonia has penjat to the seva websites a series of advice and materials to ensure a review with caution. Below is a summary:

Tips for firecrackers:

  • Pyrotechnics must always be purchased from authorized establishments and the instructions for handling them must be obtained.
  • They do not have to carry the firecrackers to the butxaques nor with a boss to the other.
  • Use safe tools to turn on the lights.
  • We will create a safe area to light firecrackers, including flammable liquids.
  • Home, we will collect the tendals, the estesa steals and we will care for the finestres.
  • We will place the firecrackers on the ground to light them, one by one.
  • If a firecracker has not gone off, we will not blow it until half an hour later and we will sound it again.
  • Avoid introducing firecrackers, blisters, bústies or burying them as the detonations project shrapnel that can cause fires.
  • Do not fill fires or light fires within 500 meters of wooded areas or in crowds of people.

If everything happens, something is wrong and we need to know how to act based on the situation. The basic first aid rules are:

  • First of all, I lloc remullem les ferides amb aigua freda.
  • Remove objects that retain heat, such as rings or bracelets.
  • Rentarem les ferides amb aigua i sabó.
  • We will not punish the butllofes.
  • If a foreign cos enters and the ulls do not enter the gratarem, instead we will place a gauze and breathe directly into the metge.
  • Contindrem hemorrhages with one or more net gases, but also with cotó.
  • Faced with a cold season, the most recommendable is to join the metge.


Now you have all the councils to be able to have a good celebration of Sant Joan!