How are thoracic compressions effective?

How are thoracic compressions effective?

How are thoracic compressions effective?


perform effective thoracic compressions can allow save a life in a moment of unexpected cardiorespiratory arrest. These types of parades consist of the interrupted and interrupted treatment that requires early treatment since the person could die at the moment.

Trobar-te davant d'una Cardiorespiratory aturation requires a very reduced performance margin. Therefore, it is important to understand the basic life support techniques that aim to replace cardiac and pulmonary function with basic functions such as the hands and the mouth.

These techniques are very simple and can be used by any person who does not require specific health advice.


Thoracic compression maneuvers


Els cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers They aim to manually achieve the contractile function of the heart so that the blood continues to maintain the pressure and maintain oxygenation of the organs for as long as possible.

Once the health emergency team arrives, it is advisable to keep the person resuscitated so that this can restore the heart rate by decreasing the sequences and in order to maintain survival.

La chain of survival It is based on a series of cases that aim, first of all, to recognize the situation in which the person is in and if he or she suffers cardiorespiratory arrest.

El next what to do next In this chain it is the responsibility of resuscitating the person, keeping in mind that for every minute with cardiac massage you can reduce the probability of survival by 10%. Finally, in order to get the heart into an organized rhythm, it is possible to use rapid defibrillation. The survival rate that can be achieved is 50-70%.


Chest compressions and survival probabilities


Els effective chest compressions They can save vines, the root of the sky, is that right at that moment the blood of the organism that is for the future is oxygenated and can last a few minutes there. Cardiopulmonary massage allows this oxygen to continue to reach the heart and cervix and maintain its various functions in the sense that it has done harm to its structure.

For the perform a correct technique, the affected person must be on a rigid surface and cap per amunt. On the other hand, the person who performs the compressions must place himself next to the victim and uncover the pit to locate the exact point on which the cardiac massage is performed.


How are thoracic compressions effective?


La best way to perform chest compressions or (CPR) It is important to keep the weight of the chest on the skin of the affected person, it is very important to keep the arms straight throughout the entire time and to keep the weight of all of our weight on these.

Next, place one more on the back and interlace the dits to press them on the pit between 5 and 6 cm at a frequency of 100 to 120 compressions per minute. After each compression it is important to perform a decompression, so that the heart can fill blood again.

It is not recommended to reduce the pause to more than 10 seconds between compressions. Otherwise, the heart rate would be lost and it could affect the patient's survival. A sequence of constant compressions is followed so that the patient obtains signs of life or receives medical advice.




Those who can help you (Beaty)


Currently on the market we can find multiple eines that allow us to attend to these types of emergencies in a quick and easy way.

beaty It is a device that allows effective chest compressions to be performed by providing audible indications to the person using it.

There are many studies that have shown that Depth of the compressions assuring height 5 cm Because effective results are related to the increased possibilities of survival and improved functional results.

Els seus main characteristics It is a simple and easy-to-use device, the ergonomic design is formed by a silicone strap that adapts to the palm of the hand and facilitates adhesion. The design is small and light and adapts to any surface and size.

From the Neosalus We believe that guaranteeing the survival of people is of vital importance and therefore we have a catalog of designed products to be able to attend to any emergency situation that we may encounter.