How can I improve the health of my heart?

How can I improve my cardiovascular health?

How can I improve my cardiovascular health?


Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death, due to cancer and respiratory diseases. Cardiovascular diseases have different ways of manifesting and the symptoms depend on which part of the heart is involved.

In order to maintain correct cardiovascular health by maintaining routines and customs that follow sans, with sport and always with attention and correct follow-up of specialists. Among these routines, highlight the following with a special effort to take care of your cardiovascular health.


Balanced nutrition is clear


The fact that mengem influences our body in such a way that following a healthy and balanced diet is the first measure to learn to control risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes or elevated cholesterol levels.

Preferably consume fresh foods, make sure that if you use processed products they contain saturates or hydrogenated (trans) fats and sugars or not, replace the products with fresh fruit, including daily portions of fruit and vegetables in our diet.

Obligate alcohol or maintain the consumption of alcoholic beverages within the limits recommended by specialists and prepare at home the food that we will bring to the office in order to be able to control everything that is mentioned in some of the guidelines of the World Correspondence Federation. .

Control blood glucose level

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 80% of deaths in people with diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association. Therefore, it is important to control the level of sugar in the blood so that it can be treated when the specialist diagnoses diabetes.

If this pathology is not diagnosed and is treated early, the risk of cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases increases.


practice esport


Staying physically active helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Therefore, including some types of sports in our weekly routine is vital to take care of our cardiovascular system. Specialists recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five times a week.


Control blood pressure


Hypertension, one of the most common cardiovascular risk factors, is known as the “silent killer.” The reason is that it is possible that it does not produce a warning signal in those who hit it, which is the most perilous. Therefore, it is important to control our blood pressure regularly to rule out episodes that could trigger cardiovascular events.


Give up tobacco 


One of the cardiovascular risk factors that we can avoid is smoking. Giving up the habit of smoking tea has many positive consequences that are reflected at the end. Every two years of quitting smoking substantially reduces the risk of developing coronary heart disease; At 15 years, the risk of CVD is similar to that of a non-smoking person.

Maintain cholesterol levels within recommended limits


Elevated cholesterol levels are associated with four million deaths each year. Maintaining the limits of the limits is established to avoid the risk of CVD, which is the formation of atheroma plaques on the walls of the arteries.

If a cardiovascular emergency is not foreseen at all, there is only one option left: correct resuscitation with an AED. In Spain it is estimated that one death occurs every 20 minutes, however, it is important that both public and private companies have defibrillators to be able to act in an emergency. These devices are essential to the chain of survival to reverse cardiorespiratory arrest.

It is for this reason that Neosalus has one objective: to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a life and sans habits, and to carry a defibrillator to all the cantons of Spain.

Take care, per tu i pels teus. For more information contact us or visit our website at Here you will find more information about defibrillators, cardiovascular health and everything you need to take care of yourself.