Com fer the maintenance of defibrillators

How to perform maintenance on AED defibrillators

How to perform maintenance on DEA & DESA defibrillators


Perform a Continuous maintenance of the status of the defibrillators will allow for optimal results. at the time it continued to be used. It is important to keep in mind that this type of machinery cannot be used on a regular basis, so it is recommendable. always have it in perfect condition quan es requereixi del seu ús.

The situations that this is given will be of a maximum emergency, due to the importance that your life is about. We can check different maintenance plans that is adapted to the different needs that your company may have. Depending on the name of the contracted equipment and the name of people who are trobin sota l'espai cardioprotegit It may terminate the contracting of plans or others.

It is important to highlight, the mandatory to have maintenance service contractat; According to regional and state legislation, it is the owner of the equipment who is obliged to keep it in good condition for optimal performance.


What types of defibrillator maintenance are there?


El Maintenance is a decisive factor for correct functioning of qualsevol cardioprotection equipment. It is something that should not be neglected, since in the long run it can save time and money, thanks to this it is possible to avoid bigger problems that are due to neglect of its optimization.

There are different types of maintenance: preventive and corrective, regardless of the differences.


Maintenance of preventive defibrillators


This type of maintenance is the one that focuses on guarantee the good status of the team From a period of continuous work I avoid what is producing avaries. This maintenance is the most efficient to guarantee the good status of the equipment over the long term and at the lowest cost.

The main seu The objective is to prevent important events from being triggered. which supposes a higher cost for the company and generates that the machine is out for an unplanned period.

What does this type of maintenance include?

  • Check them locations the equipment
  • Check the status of the electrodes
  • Check that the status of the battery follow the correct one
  • Open the equipment i fer-los work both a simulator
  • Seva update programming in case it is necessary


Correct maintenance of defibrillators 


Corrective maintenance are those that lead to re-soldering a failed or avaria determined that s'hagi produït a l'equip. Resolving the sentence and repairing the machinery would be the main operating condition. When routine controls have not been performed correctly, these types of mechanical problems may begin to appear.

normally the cost of corrective maintenance is higher than preventiveTherefore, it is recommended to contract routine maintenance plans that guarantee the optimal status of our equipment.


What do defibrillator maintenance plans include?


They exist different maintenance plans, they will depend on them equipment characteristics. For example: including the review of the connectivity of the equipment that can be monitored in real time will be very important, however, other equipment that does not have connectivity will require another type of service including the pla.

An effective and cost-effective maintenance plan should consider the following services at the same rate:


Management of incidents and maintenance


In this maintenance plan for defibrillators, a 24 hour telephone assistance which guarantees prompt attention to the maintenance service at any time of day.

Another important element is that the maintenance plan We offer replacement equipment as soon as it is available. requires a period of time in which it is not possible to use the defibrillator, thanks to this you will be able to offer a cardioprotegit spai at all times.


Notices and notifications


Perform a Tracking continuation of the team mitjançant applications It allows you to manage your equipment remotely and guarantee traçabilitat.

That the quota also included maintenance on whether it is they receive correct notifications Both via email and via the application or tricked-out route, it guarantees a continuous connection between the team and the company.

En Neosalus, we will offer you the millors maintenance plans to guarantee the best performance of the equipment. If you do not know all the rates that can be adapted to your needs, you can visit our website. Click here or trick us at 900 52 56 78.