Mobile application for defibrillators DESA DEA

Cardionlive and Neocontrol for external defibrillator equipment

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Defibrillators app | Cardionlive IOS / Android / Web


App for defibrillators DEA DESA Cardionlive, developed for IOS and Android to Use It & Neosalus Solutions; Our app is a new system that allows the location and management of external defibrillators located in public and private countries.

app Cardionlive united with our Neocontrol with 4G connection It is a new system of supervision and control of external defibrillators that allows the management in real time of defibrillators located in public countries and the defibrillators specific to the company or individual.

Cardionlive is a mobile application for external defibrillators that works through the website to the computer and the app from a phone or a tablet;  Our app for DESA DEA defibrillators allows, first of all, to have a record of the quantity and status of the defibrillators installed in public and private spaces, with a supervision of the DESA DEA equipment in real time.


Cardionlive & Neocontrol for defibrillators DESA DEA


This application for defibrillators DESA AED is connected to our Neocontrol device, which has 3G, 4G and 5G connectivity for the transmission of data from any fixed or mobile location.

Our defibrillator control device also has a line of sight for the automatic call to 112 of the medical emergency services at the same time to operate the Neocontrol. Here is a small guide on how to act if you witness a cardiac arrest and do not have first aid tips.


App for external defibrillators


The person who maintains the DESA DEA defibrillators, With our app for defibrillators and the Neocontrol device you will also be able to remotely control the temperature of the defibrillator everything to comply and ensure the manufacturer's standards for the correct conservation of the DEA DESA equipment.

When Neocontrol detects an anomaly in the defibrillator, it communicates it in real time to our technical service and to the owner of the DESA/DEA equipment. Training in the repair and maintenance of external defibrillators.

Neocontrol using the Cardionlive app is capable of sending automatic notifications to the owner of the defibrillator device and to our technical service Informant on incidents, expired consumables or dead batteries.

In case of incident, Neocontrol notifies the owner of the defibrillator using the Cardionlive app and Neosalus technical assistance services to resolve the technical incident.

If you do not have an electrical installation, Neocontrol also has a long-lasting battery pack for communication and supervision of the defibrillator without needing connection to the electrical system, please request more information about Our Neocontrol has 4-year battery life.


The app for a DESA defibrillators by Neosalus & Use It


The Cardionlive app for external defibrillators with Neocontrol is the perfect application to control all your defibrillators and quickly locate public defibrillators. Our app also keeps an updated list of people associated with each AED defibrillator and who have received training to use it; The US system automatically sends a reminder when you have to renew this training in basic life support and the use of the defibrillator.

According to the CEO of Neosalus, Rafa Ramírez: In Spain in 2021, approximately 35.000 public defibrillators will be available, while the Regne Unit has approximately 100.000 AED units from DESA, which ensures that it faces a very serious problem in this sense.

You can get the news in these communication mitjans: l'avantguardaEurope press20 minutes.

Neosalus poses at your disposal  Convertible cardioprotection plans or renting with Neocontrol / Cardionlive, plans with insurance, 24-hour assistance, unlimited recanvis, revisions and maintenance included. Public and private cardioprotection plans with training in basic vital support and the use of the DESA DEA, consulta'ns without commitment.


Defibrillator convertible per month or season

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans for the convertible defibrillator equipment with maintenance, training and supervision of the AED defibrillator 24 hours a day.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT


Rènting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans for defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and monitoring DEA 365. Rental offers for permanent cardioprotection.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT