Practice cardio safely

Practice cardio safely

Practice cardio safely


Playing sports is good for children and adults, both physically and psychologically. Sports can improve physical coordination, fitness, and self-esteem. But you should always seek the practice of safe sport.

Safe sport is understood as an environment where athletes can train and compete in a healthy and supportive context; an environment that is respectful, equitable, and free from all forms of harassment and abuse.


Tips for a safe practice of sport


Below, we have listed a set of tips that will allow us to improve our sports performance in the long term, but at the same time minimize the risk of suffering an episode of injury and/or medical problems while practicing sports.


Previous activities to adequately prepare for sports practice:


Before any physical activity, you should warm up, either by jogging a little, swimming slowly or carrying out movements without much load, to later stretch and prepare the body for movements that require more effort.


Good hydration and a good diet:


When practicing sports, one should take the time to stretch and hydrate after the exercises, and relax the body to gradually return to a state of rest. In addition, it is also essential to follow a good eating plan. It is not recommended to exercise on an empty stomach.


Maintain a good routine:


In order to perform optimally during long-term sports practice, it is important to maintain a good routine in order to excel in the practice of a sport. Among the factors that allow you to maintain a good routine, sleeping 8 hours (approximately) in a row daily stands out. Rest is necessary to improve performance in physical activity.


Practice sports in safe spaces and adapted for medical emergencies:


Taking care of aspects of our day to day when practicing sports will allow us to perform better. Now, not everything is in our hands. Practicing sports in a safe space adapted for medical emergencies not only indirectly influences your performance (since knowing that you are practicing sports in a safe space will allow you to play calmly and relaxed, improving your performance) but also It will allow you to act correctly and quickly in any medical emergency that may occur.

In order to classify a sports space as a protected cardio space, some type of equipment or infrastructure must be installed that allows for an easy and safe response to complicated situations such as cardiovascular attacks and/or sudden deaths while practicing a sport.


The automatic defibrillator, the king


Without a doubt, when someone thinks of a sports space adapted for sports emergencies, one thinks of an AED, or better known as an automatic defibrillator. An automatic defibrillator is a cardio protection device that saves lives. These medical equipment are portable and lightweight and administer electric shocks with which cardiorespiratory arrests are reversed automatically.

An automatic defibrillator should be used when victims of a medical emergency are unconscious and not breathing or breathing erratically. These teams themselves will give instructions by voice with messages referring to how and where the electrode patches should be applied to the patient.


Offer cardio protection


More and more sports spaces are betting on installing the necessary equipment to classify the space as cardio protected either by law or by own measure. It is important that all organizations and spaces have a automatic defibrillator.

The conditions in which most physical activities are carried out may be susceptible to causing sudden deaths. These happen suddenly and we never know when we may find ourselves facing one of them.

For this reason, at Neosalus we have the vision, mission and objective of providing all sports spaces with equipment to offer cardiovascular protection.