Children saving lives at school

CPR training in schools

We collaborate with the Lleida City Council with the educational project "Children saving lives at school"


For the third consecutive year, and together with the Lleida City Council, between the months of October and February we will carry out a free training action "Children saving lives at school" for fourth grade students from different schools in the city of Lleida .

Some 260 students from 5 different schools will carry out this workshop where, in a 3-hour theoretical and practical session, we will transmit basic notions about first aid. This year, the participating schools are: Colegio Santa Ana, Lestonnac and FEDAC and the Río Segre and San Jorge schools.

In these sessions we will first explain the theoretical part, promoting participation and learning among equals. Next, the students practice placing the victim in a Lateral Safety Position. Finally, they will build a poster all together with which they will reinforce the concepts learned.
The main objectives of the workshop are to learn to:

  • act safely
  • Give an early and effective notice to 112
  • Detect unconsciousness (person who does not respond to stimuli)
  • Aid the unconscious victim Aid the unconscious victim by placing them in the Lateral Safety Position

You can read the full news at the website of the Education Service of the Paeria de Lleida.