Lleida installs defibrillators in the street

Lleida installs defibrillators in the street

Lleida installs defibrillators in the street


The capital of Segrià becomes part of the group of municipalities with defibrillators installed in the street. They have installed 4, which are added to the 39 that it already had between public buildings and urban police cars.

Coinciding with the start of the May festivities in the city, the city council has presented the new locations that will have defibrillators with public access for everyone on the street. The locations are:

  • Paeria Square
  • Ricard Vines
  • Exterior of the Pavelló Barris Nord
  • Exterior of the Camp d'Esports.

In the presentation of the new defibrillators in the street, the deputy mayor of the social area, Xavi Rodamilans, pointed out that "When there is a cardiac arrest, a doctor massaging can recover 5% of the patients, while anyone with one of these defibrillators can save 75%. That is why the training to use them, which we do in civic centers, is extremely important.

He has also added that in case of doubt, it is better to use them since it is the defibrillator itself that analyzes the victim's pulse and decides whether to discharge or not.

The use of these defibrillators is extremely simple with clear visual and acoustic indications that make their use very intuitive for anyone. Defibrillators on public roads are essential to save lives, but we must bear in mind that they are not a toy.

These are capable of automatically making a call to 112 and have geolocation so that healthcare can find them quickly. They are also video-monitored with access control in real time.

We leave you the video of the news of LLEIDA TV