Legislation on DESA defibrillators in Spain

State cardioprotection regulations and regulations by autonomous communities

Regulations on cardioprotected spaces in Spain

Regulations on cardioprotected spaces in Spain


In Spain there is a state regulation on DESA & DEA defibrillators, regulated by Royal Decree 365/2009; Subsequently, the autonomous communities have legislated their own regulations on external defibrillators with some differences.

The purpose of Royal Decree 365/2009 is to regulate the conditions and minimum requirements for the use and maintenance of external semiautomatic defibrillators outside of the health field throughout the Spanish territory.

The regulation established in this royal decree admits DESA semiautomatic external defibrillators and DEA automatic external defibrillators as suitable equipment for cardioprotection of spaces.

Legislation on DESA DEA defibrillators in Spain

In 2009 the Spanish Government established the bases of the regulations for the regulation of these DESA DEA equipment in Royal Decree 365/2009, of March 20. It establishes the minimum safety and quality conditions and requirements for the use of these defibrillator devices outside of the healthcare environment.

Despite the importance of these portable cardioprotection devices, Spanish legislation did not contemplate a homogeneous system at the national level that would force the installation and maintenance of these DESA DEA defibrillators in areas with a high influx of people, but instead left it in the hands of the Autonomous Communities the management and regularization of the installation and use of DESA defibrillators.


Regulations on DESA defibrillators by communities

On the other hand, the regulations of each Autonomous Community on the installation of AED defibrillators have fostered public awareness of the importance of AED defibrillators and training in basic life support, which has prompted the creation of cardioprotected spaces outside of the obligation by regulations.

In Spain, the 17 autonomous communities with Ceuta and Melilla have their own regulations on defibrillators, these are the regulations that we must comply with when installing DESA DEA defibrillators in the different communities of Spanish territory.

See here regulations on defibrillators in your autonomous community, in which there are obligations, guidelines for its installation and maintenance with which to guarantee the optimal state of conservation of the automated external defibrillators (AEDs) or semi-automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Due to the occasional use of defibrillators in cardioprotected spaces, traditionally the maintenance of these DESA DEA electromedical equipment is carried out by technicians who travel to the cardioprotected space where they review and monitor the status of the defibrillator and other components, the companies of Maintenance of DESA defibrillators we carry out periodic face-to-face reviews, expiration control and status supervision in person and online.

The law establishes that the perfect state of use of AED defibrillators is the responsibility of the public or private organizations that install this AED equipment, following the maintenance and supervision instructions marked by the AED manufacturer.


Is basic life support training mandatory?

The regulations on cardioprotected spaces indicate that training must be provided to non-medical personnel, but for the general public there is no obligation to train in first aid techniques, the obligation is regulated by the regulations of each autonomous community, as a general rule this obligation of training in CPR techniques only exists for spaces that by regulation are obliged to have cardiac rescue points with DEA ​​DESA defibrillators.


Companies, associations and municipalities committed against sudden death


Given the growing awareness about cardioprotecting vital spaces, at Neosalus we carry out tailor-made face-to-face workshops for associations, companies and town halls for the training of citizens in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques and basic life support with DESA defibrillator use practices, these multitudinous workshops for the whole family are becoming more popular every day due to society's awareness of the importance of being prepared for sudden death.


Basic life support course with CPR maneuvers practice


Neosalus is an accredited first aid training academy in all the autonomous communities to provide training in Basic Life Support and the use of semiautomatic and automatic external defibrillators. First aid training 100% subsidized by Fundae, ask us without obligation.


Regarding maintenance, why a DESA with online supervision?


Maintenance work in cardioprotected spaces can be divided into scheduled technical reviews that are always carried out in person at the client's facilities, and random incidents due to external causes or defibrillator failures that are almost impossible to detect if there is no online supervision of the defibrillators.

These incidents outside of the maintenance established by the manufacturer are impossible to detect without an online monitoring system of the DESA team that notifies the technical service in real time of any incident for resolution. 


Maintenance of defibrillators with Neocontrol DEA DESA


Neocontrol is a device developed by Neosalus for the supervision of DESA DEA defibrillators online and in real time, it is the only device for defibrillator monitoring with 3G / 4G or 5G connectivity, and everything from our Cardionlive app with which we can monitor and manage defibrillators in real time.

The supervision of the state of the defibrillators with Neocontrol reduces economic costs and CO2 emissions due to displacements of supervision of the equipment, at the same time that we guarantee the perfect state of the DESA 365 days a year.

Check if your park of defibrillators has online supervision included in your cardioprotection plan, remember that the owner of the defibrillators is responsible for the perfect state of maintenance and use.

With Neocontrol and the traceability of possible incidents and their resolution in real time, our clients always have the security of complying with the regulations.


Defibrillator rental for months or season

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Renting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

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