The importance of swimming safely

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The importance of swimming safely


La importance of safe swimming in a cardioprotected space is always important. We must not forget that cardiovascular problems can affect any environment or situation, which is why it is always advisable to have defibrillation equipment.

Anyone without any previous pathology and, apparently in good health, can suffer a cardiac arrest, whether playing sports, walking down the street or in their own home.

Every year in Spain there are around 30.000 sudden deaths, hence the importance of having the necessary knowledge and tools to be able to help the victims until the emergency services arrive.


Swimming and the benefits it has for the heart


A major health benefits of our heart It is the practice of sports activities. Thanks to them, the appearance of heart problems can be prevented and our cardiovascular health strengthened. It should be noted that there are sports that are more suitable for protecting the heart since they offer specific benefits, such as swimming.

Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exists, between stroke and breaststroke a large number of muscles that make up the lower and upper extremities, as well as the chest, back or hips are worked.

The main relationship between swimming and heart is that the practice of this sport is highly recommended for those with heart disease, since it generates large muscle masses to move and does not increase tension abruptly, a decisive factor for patients with heart problems.

How swimming helps care for the heart

Practicing this sport regularly allows to tone the muscle mass of the body, which also translates into strengthening the heart, lungs and health in general. For those people who have heart problems, it is recommended to exercise at least 150 minutes a week in three different sessions.

If you suffer from heart problems, it is important not to lead the body to overexertion that is not recommended. Swimming in this case does not damage the joints since it does not fix them and thus eradicates possible ailments in common joints in other disciplines.

swimming is a aerobic sport which generates cardiac contraction thus increasing efficiency thanks to the pumping of blood from the heart, thus facilitating the distribution of oxygen through the blood vessels. As far as heart pressure is concerned, moving horizontally in the water allows you to avoid sudden peaks of activity while keeping your laterals more controlled.

Cardioprotection in sports centers

The importance of safe swimming is increasing, which is why Neosalus offers products that can ensure cardioprotection in any center or space.


Nagi It is a digital system that connects swimmers with lifeguards, thanks to this device we can know in real time the place where both are and the activity they are doing at all times.

In pools where there is a large influx of users, it is a very useful tool since it allows you to have control of both the swimmers and the lifeguards who watch them at all times. In the event of any type of emergency, you can have a quick margin of action.

So it has an anti-drowning system that connects swimmers with lifeguards and helps prevent drowning. Thus, it also allows the swimmer, through the NAGI application, to obtain all the data of the session. Thanks to this, you can set performance improvement goals and compare past results with current ones.


Swim safely and calmly


swimsafe is an internal application within Nagi that provides a safety component to the product as it connects swimmers wearing the Nagi tool with lifeguards.

The application is the control center from where we see the position of each swimmer in the pool, as well as the battery of the tags in use and the session history. It also has alarms that notify the lifeguard of any swimmer in danger. This product is accompanied by a smart whatch to offer quality and comfort.


From Neosalus We know how important cardioprotection is in sports centers, which is why we offer a wide portfolio of products that make life-saving equipment available to you.