Financing with renting and rental Neosalus

We finance defibrillators and cardioprotection equipment

Financing DESA DEA defibrillators

Financing DEA DESA defibrillators


Discover the different all-inclusive financing formulas for defibrillators, choose the financing that best suits your economic and cardioprotection needs.

The financing of the defibrillator and all the cardioprotection equipment is a formula to cardioprotect companies, communities, schools, hotels, sports clubs, entities and individuals with a comfortable monthly fee.

In Neosalus we have defibrillator leasing offers which include all cardioprotection equipment, civil liability insurance, theft or vandalism insurance, Basic Life Support training, unlimited spare parts, technical service and maintenance of the defibrillator with supervision 365 days a year, also available as a rental option.


Financing of the cardioprotection plan


For many of our clients, the most comfortable defibrillator financing and the best coverage is our defibrillator leasing, other clients for seasonal duration choose the defibrillator rental which also includes everything in the monthly fee. The financing of cardioprotection in linear monthly installments without added expenses.

Our defibrillator rental offers are the ideal form of cardioprotection for any company or individual with temporary cardioprotection needs, for a short period of time, either for months or seasonally, such as camping, second homes, vacations, swimming pools, sports clubs, centers vacation rentals, seasonal hotels, etc.


Financing defibrillators with Neosalus is very simple


Are you thinking of buying defibrillators for business or for your home? Before making a large outlay of money for the purchase of AED equipment, consider that we can finance your purchase of defibrillators with all the necessary cardioprotection equipment and services with the best economic conditions and the best coverage. Based on features and prices, we recommend our cardioprotection plans for companies and individuals that include everything:

  1. External defibrillators / Neocontrol.
  2. Defibrillator discharge management, registration and data.
  3. The supervision of the DEA DESA team 24 hours a day.
  4. The installation of defibrillators with DEA ​​signage.
  5. Technical service / assistance 24 hours.
  6. Maintenance and reviews of DEA DESA equipment.
  7. Showcase, call 112, 4G/5G Neocontrol connection.
  8. Unlimited refills.
  9. Civil liability insurance and damages, theft.
  10. Training in Basic Life Support and use of the defibrillator.
  11. Cardionlive App for monitoring the defibrillator in real time.

Calculate your financing fee by adding all the components to be a cardioprotected space, with the defibrillator and equipment you need for the necessary time. At Neosalus we will help you finance all your cardioprotection equipment with the best conditions.


Budget to finance an all-inclusive defibrillator


Responding to some questions related to your cardioprotection needs and the duration of the cardioprotected space, we make several proposals that best suit your needs.


Financing of DESA DEA defibrillators


At Neosalus, as specialists in defibrillators and cardioprotection for companies and individuals, we have all-inclusive defibrillator rental offers for temporary cardioprotection of spaces, and defibrillator rental offers for companies and individuals with permanent cardiosecurity needs.


What external defibrillators can I finance?


At Neosalus we help you get financing both for our recommended Samaritan PAD 350P, 360P and 500P defibrillators from our catalogue, as well as financing to purchase Philips, Cardiac Science, Zoll defibrillators, etc.

The difference between financing your defibrillators with a financial institution or with us is that at our company we are experts in DEA DESA external defibrillators with proprietary technologies developed to optimize cardioprotection costs and reduce CO2 emissions from the cardioprotection service.


How can I apply for financing?


In our web contact you can send your request for financing of DEA DESA equipment without any commitment. Our technical team will help you find the best AED equipment and the monthly fee that best suits you.

The most important thing for Neosalus is to save lives and the full satisfaction of our customers, which is why we develop innovative solutions such as our Neocontrol for defibrillators with 365 supervision and control through our Cardionlive App.


What financing can I contract for the purchase of the defibrillator?


At Neosalus we have an all-inclusive comprehensive cardioprotection plan financed with all-inclusive defibrillator leasing to cardioprotect any space for more than 36 months.

For the temporary cardioprotection of a space, you can enjoy a more flexible loan that consists of a defibrillator rental, with a linear fee and also with everything included for a period of time or for months.

These rental equipments are new, reconditioned, pre-owned, with maintenance included, all spare parts, insurance, training and everything that a defibrillator rental includes, but for a short period of time, although the rental is extendable if the owner deems it so. customer.

Once the defibrillator rental or leasing ends, you have several options:

  • Keep the defibrillator only in the case of renting devices, and only contract the maintenance of the device required by regulations.
  • Return the defibrillator / Neocontrol Neosalus for rent.
  • Defibrillator renewal plan with the same monthly fee and the best coverage.

We adapt to your cardioprotection needs and offer you tailor-made financing. You can request our financing plans online by simply contacting us.


What is the maximum amount to finance?


You can finance up to 100% of the amount of cardioprotection. Our recommendation for the permanent cardioprotection of spaces is the renting of all-inclusive defibrillators or to cardioprotect spaces for the season, months or temporarily, our rental of defibrillators with all the expenses and components, find out about our advantages as specialists in cardioprotection.


What commissions exist when contracting a loan for the purchase of defibrillators?


With our renting and rental of DEA DESA devices, all financing expenses are included in a linear monthly fee for the contracted period of time.


Financing of cardioprotection equipment


A bank loan from you in a financial institution as a general rule includes expenses, commissions and interests somewhat higher than our financial:

  • Nominal Interest Rate (TIN).
  • Loan opening commission.
  • Early repayment commission.
  • Cancellation fee.
  • Equivalent Annual Rate (TAE).


When will I receive my equipment once the loan is accepted?


For defibrillator purchase, rental and leasing transactions to individuals, the loan is activated after signing the financing contract. For companies and entities that buy, rent or rent their cardioprotection, the loan is activated after confirmation of the purchase of defibrillators after signing the financing contract.


What does an individual need to finance the all-inclusive defibrillator?


As a general rule, to contract the financing of all the components of a cardiac rescue point and the defibrillator for the budgeted amount, you must provide:

  • DNI or NIF (NIE or corresponding documentation).
  • Payroll or income statement.
  • Bank receipt with the account number.


Is it necessary to take out any insurance associated with my cardioprotection?


In the case of direct purchase you must comply with the regulations of your autonomous community. With our DEA DESA rental and renting cardioprotection plans, civil liability insurance and theft / vandalism insurance are included.

If you need to cardioprotect any space, contact us, our sales team will be happy to assist you and find out without any commitment about which option is the most appropriate for each particular case, from €35 per month we have all-inclusive cardioprotection plans for companies and individuals.