public defibrillators

Public defibrillators for the cardioprotection of spaces

Public defibrillators and the importance of cardioprotecting public spaces


No one knows when a health emergency is going to strike. We also don't know when someone's heart will fail and the person will need medical attention.

Therefore, since Neosalus We urge each institution, within its planning, to have defibrillators in public spaces at the service of citizens.

They are public spaces that have defibrillators to attend emergencies in a matter of minutes. Above all, those that are related to heart failure, since if a long time (more than 10 minutes) elapses since the arrest, the victim may die.

Un cardioprotected space It must have defibrillators located in central and accessible areas. This device, in charge of measuring the heart rate, also serves to give electric shocks to the chest and normalize the pumping of the heart.

Below, we give some of the reasons why defibrillator equipment should be installed in public spaces.


reduce mortality


In the world there are many deaths that are registered daily due to cardiac arrests. In Spain, more than 30 thousand deaths a year occur for this reason. Given this alarming figure, it is essential to help people installing defibrillators in public spaces.

Having a protected cardio space becomes an excellent idea to protect the health of citizens. And not only that, it allows to generate global awareness about the negative consequences of not taking care of heart health.

Having a cardioprotected space, is an option that is committed to the well-being of people with heart conditions in cases of accident. Reason why various countries around the world have joined this initiative.


A way to save time


It should be noted that 80% of the heart failures They occur in non-hospital settings. Which means that the attention is not provided in a matter of seconds, but rather the patient must be transferred to the medical center.

This circumstance puts life at risk, while if it is in a cardioprotected space, care is done quickly and safely, thus reducing the possibility of complications, and in the worst case, death.


user-friendly defibrillators


The fact of having defibrillators in public spaces gives ordinary citizens the possibility to opt for fast solutions. Normally, when someone suffers a cardiac arrest, they are not close to people specialized in the area.

That is why the placement of semiautomatic defibrillators and automatic in public spaces is the ideal solution. Well, they are instruments that many times do not even require the individual to read the instructions to know how to use them.


Public places within reach of potential victims


Cardioproteger is a very practical decision when done in busy public spaces. Like parks, educational institutions, public transport, sports facilities, companies. All of them are places occupied by hundreds or thousands of people on a daily basis.

It turns out that these people are human beings who can suffer from various health problems and this is a practical way to protect them. Clearly, it is necessary for the equipment to be located in central and accessible places. Thus, they can be more useful to those who need them.


Improves social responsibility


This initiative is a good way for private companies to really commit to social responsibility. Having a cardioprotected space at work protects the lives of employees.

In addition, installing a cardioprotection space would give entrepreneurs important national and international recognition. Today defibrillators are needed in professional spaces due to the stress and difficulty of professional life.

But in order to know how to use them, prior training is required. From Neosalus we offer an official course to be able to use a defibrillator (DEA) in order to help those in need.

Choose well, choose health. Choose Neosalus.