DESA devices for hotel or rural house

Cardioprotection of tourist accommodation against sudden death

AED defibrillator for hotel

Defibrillators for hotels and rural houses


Installing DESA DEA defibrillators in hotels and rural houses with the training of hotel staff in basic life support, largely guarantees a quick and effective response to sudden cardiorespiratory arrest in the hotel.

Cardioprotected tourism is a growing trend; More and more hotel chains, small hotels and rural houses are betting on cardioprotected spaces, either because of the brand's commitment against sudden death or because the regulations of the Autonomous Community require installing a DEA DESA team and training the human team of the hotel in CPR techniques.

Hotel cardioprotection reinforces the CSR of the brand while providing cardiosecurity to hotel customers and employees.

A hotel is a space through which a large number of people travel, reside, work and stay, so in every hotel there must be workers designated to act in the field of first aid, previously trained in basic life support with practice of CPR maneuvers with what to deal with a possible sudden cardiac arrest.

Defibrillators for cardioprotected hotels in Spain

These cardioprotected hotels with defibrillators have all the necessary resources to provide immediate assistance to victims of cardiac arrest. In a situation of cardiopulmonary arrest, each minute that passes reduces the chances of survival by 10%, with 5 minutes being the safety time limit to restore spontaneous pulse and breathing.

On many occasions the location of a hotel is its greatest charm, these privileged places are generally located more than 5 minutes from the nearest medical center, because having a DEA DESA team in the hotel is vitally important.

Customers with heart conditions or pathologies choose hotels with DESA DEA defibrillators to spend their vacations or business trips over hotels without external defibrillators; Having a cardioprotection plan for hotel guests provides cardiosecurity against sudden death and increases the perceived value of the hotel.

The importance of defibrillators in tourist accommodation

In Spain, nearly 30.000 people die each year from sudden death and cardiorespiratory arrest. There is no doubt that this figure could be reduced with more cardioprotected spaces, since there are currently only 2 defibrillators for every 10.000 people.

We tend to think that cardiac arrest can only occur within risk groups. However, anyone is susceptible to a cardiorespiratory problem, even while traveling.

For this reason, cardioprotection in hotels, tourist complexes and rural houses is especially important, since they are spaces where a large number of people are concentrated and transit, being places where there is a statistically high probability of a cardiopulmonary arrest event occurring, that is, For this reason, defibrillators in hotels are essential for cardiac protection.

Currently, more than 45% of 4 and 5 star hotels have a defibrillator in their facilities and have staff trained to use it. A reality for which every day more Spanish hotels are committed.

Hotel pool defibrillator

To effectively cardioprotect a hotel, it is not enough to install a defibrillator, although it is an essential requirement to maintain the chain of survival of a person in cardiac arrest, we must provide a basic life support course hotel employees with periodic retraining to refresh CPR concepts and maneuvers.

The hotel staff must always be prepared and trained to use the DEA DESA, knowing how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers is of vital importance to reduce reaction times and thus avoid neurological sequelae derived from the lack of oxygen in the brain.

It is important to install defibrillators in hotels as in any other company, since statistically we can find workers with different states of health and some with hidden heart conditions, which increases the chances of a cardiorespiratory arrest event, whether in office positions administration, hotel reception, cleaning staff, laundry, maintenance staff, gardening, transportation, kitchen service, bar or restaurant.

Another reason to cardioprotect hotels is that for many people they are workspaces, places where staff can suffer accidents such as falls from different levels, burns, blows and cuts with utensils or tools, accidents due to thermal or electrical contact, accidents due to use of meat grinders, washing machines, brushcutters, etc., accidents that in some cases can lead to cardiorespiratory arrest.

What does the regulation say about defibrillators in hotels?


If we compare ourselves with other European countries, the level of cardioprotection in Spain is quite low. As there is no legislation at the national level, it is the Autonomous Communities that regulate the installation and use of DESA DEA defibrillators in each territory, and establish their own criteria for installing DESA defibrillators in hotels and tourist accommodations, some of them mandatory. compliance.


Cardioprotected hotel with Samaritan PAD defibrillators


See regulations of your Autonomous Community on external defibrillators DESA DEA in hotels and rural accommodation, although defibrillators are installed in hotels throughout the Spanish territory, there is an obligation to install DESA DEA defibrillators in Andalusia, Catalonia, the Basque Country and the Canary Islands.


Permanent and temporary cardioprotection of hotels


At Neosalus, as experts in defibrillators and cardioprotected spaces, we offer cardioprotection services throughout Spain, and we have tailor-made cardiac protection plans with the best price and the best possible coverage.

Our permanent cardioprotection plan for hotels consists of a all-inclusive rental of defibrillators in a linear monthly installment. Includes training in Basic Life Support for the entire hotel team, liability insurance, unlimited spare parts, theft and damage insurance, supervision and intelligent maintenance of the DESA DEA equipment, 24-hour assistance, defibrillator renewal plan and recycling training every 2 or 3 years.


Defibrillator for rural houses


If you need to cardioprotect a hotel or hotel spaces seasonally, at Neosalus we have a temporary cardioprotection plan for hotels and rural houses based on a all-inclusive defibrillator rental contracted the time just and necessary to cover the season. With the same coverage as renting, renting defibrillators for months or season is our ideal formula for heart protection in hotel pools, seasonal accommodation, resorts and country houses.