Defibrillators for municipalities and police cars

Cardioprotection of municipal buildings and facilities

Defibrillator for City Hall

Defibrillators for municipalities and local police


Together, the DEA DESA defibrillators in town halls and in urban guard vehicles offer greater cardiac protection against sudden death throughout the municipal area.

Cardiovascular health is a matter of vital importance and as such all appropriate measures must be taken to protect it. In this sense, The presence of DEA DESA defibrillators in public spaces is decisive in saving lives. 

A municipal or public defibrillator installed in the town hall of the town provides citizens with extra permanent cardioprotection, although it is only effective for people who work or reside in the city center, less than 2 minutes away from the defibrillator.


Cardio sports courts protected with defibrillators and training.


It must be taken into account that in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, each minute that passes reduces the victim's chances of survival by 10%, with 5 minutes being the maximum safety time to restore the pulse and spontaneous breathing. 


Defibrillators for Police and Civil Protection cars


In order to protect the rest of the municipality, it is essential to provide defibrillators for police cars and in municipal buildings, accompanied by basic life support courses given to agents, Civil Protection, workers and the civilian population.

Installing DESA DEA defibrillators in municipal spaces such as libraries, theaters or auditoriums expands the network of cardiac rescue points to a large part of the municipality.

The installation of defibrillators and cardiac rescue points in urbanizations of the municipal term is a way of extending cardioprotection to the areas of the municipality furthest away from the health center.

Local police and regional police patrol cars with defibrillators allow a quick and effective response to a cardiac arrest, since on many occasions it is the security forces agents who first arrive at the scene of the medical emergency, accident, fire, etc. and equipping them with defibrillators allows resuscitation to begin long before the medical team arrives.

A population with a municipal term with a large extension of land requires several cardiac rescue points to be able to ensure the chain of survival throughout the municipality, either by travel times or distances.

If we take into account that in a large part of the populations of rural Spain, In the event of suffering an episode of cardiac arrest, the medicalized ambulance service will not arrive in time to assist the cardiac arrest due to the distances to be traveled.

In some cases, the average attendance time of medicalized ambulances can reach up to 24 minutes in small towns and far from large urban centers.


Defibrillators for police cars and civil protection


The town hall building is a perfect place to install a defibrillator, a central location that provides cardio security to all homes and passers-by who are less than 2 minutes away.

The cardioprotection of spaces further away from the center of the population is undoubtedly the greatest challenge, so installing defibrillators in police patrol cars is the most effective way of cardioprotecting any point in the municipal area.

The cardioprotection of municipal spaces includes the installation of defibrillators in civic centers, patron saint festivities, sports centers, tennis and fronton courts, concerts, beaches and rivers, climbing walls, rugby fields, ice rinks, basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts of athletics and municipal swimming pools, which expands the cardio protection coverage of all municipalities.


Cardioprotection plan for municipalities


The installation of public defibrillators by the municipalities is not enough to certify the cardioprotection of the municipality, for this we need to design an annual municipal cardioprotection plan.

In order to provide an effective response against sudden death in an entire municipality, apart from the DEA DESA teams, we must train the largest number of city council workers and the civilian population in Basic Life Support techniques and use of the defibrillator.

This basic CPR training includes local police and municipal workers, ensuring prompt action at all times and thus increasing the victim's chances of survival.

A cardioprotected municipality saves lives, it only needs DEA equipment and training through massive workshops for the entire population in first aid and CPR maneuvers.

At Neosalus we recommend training through mass cardiopulmonary resuscitation workshops for citizens of all ages who want to be part of the municipal cardioprotection plan. Initial training or recycling workshops subsidized by Fundae up to 100%, ask us how to request a Basic Life Support workshop and use of the defibrillator for your municipality.

Installing DEA DESA defibrillators in the municipality and offering training to workers and the general population on how and when to use them reinforces the municipal cardioprotection plan.


Cardioprotected library with defibrillators and basic life support


Municipalities that are cardioprotected against sudden death must count on the increase in population during holiday periods, so rent defibrillators for months All-inclusive is another highly sought-after option for cardioprotection at swimming pools, beaches, parties, concerts, championships, etc.

Regarding cardiac safety in public spaces, it is essential to install defibrillators in municipal infrastructures for sports practice, facilities for young people and the elderly, cultural spaces, natural public spaces, promenades and busy shopping areas, for all these spaces the all-inclusive rental of defibrillators Is the best option.

We are experts in DESA DEA defibrillators with services throughout Spain, call us and we will improve your cardioprotection offer. Specialists in safe cardio spaces with the best price on defibrillators and the best coverage for cardioprotected municipalities.