All-inclusive defibrillators for schools

Cardioprotection of students, teachers and administrative staff

Cardiac rescue points in schools and educational centers

Defibrillators for schools and educational centers


All-inclusive defibrillators for schools, cardioprotection plan for schools, institutes and universities with DESA equipment and training in basic life support and use of the DEA for all educational center staff.

Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in Europe. According to the European Resuscitation Council, each year approximately 700.000 cardiac arrests are recorded in Europe, and although its prevalence is lower in young people, the figure is not insignificant.

Defibrillators in public and private schools are essential to effectively deal with sudden death due to cardiorespiratory arrest. In the event of a cardiac arrest, each minute that passes reduces the chances of survival by 10%, with 5 minutes being the safety time limit.

Important reasons to have a defibrillator and CPR training in schools:

  1. Installing a defibrillator in a school attended every day by a multitude of students, teachers and administrative staff, guarantees an effective response to a cardiorespiratory arrest during school hours.
  2. A DEA DESA defibrillator is an essential link in the chain of survival, a DESA is the only electromedical equipment capable of reversing sudden cardiac arrest.
  3. Training in basic life support for all teachers and students reinforces the cardioprotection of the school with effective and immediate resuscitation.
  4. In rural areas with medical assistance response times of more than 5 minutes, they are essential to protect life. Remember that in most rural areas the arrival times of an ambulance can exceed 12 minutes, either due to infrastructure, distances or roads that are not always in the best conditions.

Having a DESA defibrillator in a school, college, institute, university, training center or an academy in the event of sudden death can make the difference between life and death.

Although it seems that children and young people are exempt from suffering sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), in schools due to their activity we can find situations that lead to cardiopulmonary arrest for various reasons:


  1. Intense physical activity: During sports or physical education, extreme exertion or physical trauma can trigger cardiac arrest in children with previously undiagnosed heart conditions.
  2. Accidents, falls, blows or traumas: Falls from a different level, strong blows to the chest or accidents can lead to unexpected cardiac events.
  3. Pre-existing medical conditions: Some students may have undiagnosed heart conditions that can cause cardiac arrest under stress or exertion.
  4. Serious allergic reactions: A severe anaphylactic reaction can lead to cardiac arrest if not treated immediately.

Having a defibrillator in perfect working order in a school is mandatory by regional regulations, there are sanctions for non-compliance with defibrillator maintenance, consult here the regulations on DEA DESA external defibrillators of your autonomous community.

La Installation of defibrillators in schools and schools It must be installed in a visible and accessible place together with adequate signage for the fastest route to the school's cardiac rescue point.

In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, we must bear in mind not to exceed the 5-minute maximum safety time, so the defibrillator cannot be more than 2 minutes away from any point on the cardioprotected school grounds.


Cardioprotected schools with defibrillators for pediatric and adult use


With the installation of DESA defibrillators in all inhabited spaces, more than 40.000 lives a year could be saved, due to the ease of use of these electromedical devices, anyone with or without first aid training can use them and save a life.

A cardioprotected school with DESA DEA defibrillators offers extra cardiosecurity in the event of a cardiopulmonary arrest episode, a first aid with which to maintain vital signs until the arrival of the medicalized ambulance.


Defibrillator for school for pediatric and adult use


In many towns, schools are more than 5 minutes away from a medical center, so a defibrillator and being trained in basic life support are the only help we can have at those critical moments, which is why being prepared is so important.

There is no joint and homogeneous cardioprotection regulation at the national level that obliges all schools to equip their classrooms and facilities with defibrillators, but it is up to the autonomous communities to legislate on DESA defibrillators in schools and educational centers.

Today there are regulations on DEA DESA defibrillators by autonomous communities, which force defibrillators to be installed in schools with the aim of helping children, students and teachers who may suffer a cardiac arrest, giving a response with the maximum immediacy within the first five minutes.


Characteristics of DESA defibrillators for schools


Defibrillators have advanced at the same pace as technologies and each time they have more advantages. The device itself is responsible for analyzing the heart rhythm of the victim and indicates whether or not the application of an electric shock is necessary.

The main characteristic of a DESA defibrillator for schools and educational centers is that it must be a defibrillator suitable for pediatric and adult use., the same DEA team with which to cover the entire age range of the school.

Advances in cardioprotection mean that anyone knows how to use a defibrillator without having taken any course or without having any notions about it, although We always recommend prior training with which to reduce reaction times and the nervousness of the situation. To use a defibrillator, you just have to open the lid and follow the instructions that come on the defibrillator itself.

The DESA defibrillators with the automatic call to the emergency telephone number 112, offer the rescuer extra telephone help from the emergency medical services that answer the call, this activates the protocol for cardiorespiratory arrest sending an advanced life support ambulance to the place of the facts.


En Neosalus We are experts in cardioprotection of schools and schools, we implement cardioprotection plans in schools with which to provide fast and effective care in the event of a cardiopulmonary arrest at school. Check our offers on all-inclusive defibrillators for schools and educational centers.

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