Tips for a safe San Juan festival

How to spend the night of San Juan safely

Tips for a safe San Juan festival


Unfortunately accidents with firecrackers are repeated every year. With a view to the festival of San Juan we tell you the advice of Civil Protection for the handling of firecrackers and an introduction to first aid in the event of an accident.

The interior department of the Generalitat de Catalunya has posted on its websites a series of tips and materials to enjoy a festival with caution. Here is a summary:

Tips for firecrackers:

  • Fireworks should always be purchased in authorized stores and the instructions should be read before handling them.
  • Firecrackers should never be carried in pockets or with a bag in hand.
  • Use safe means to light them such as wicks.
  • We will choose a safe area to light firecrackers, never near flammable liquids.
  • At home, we will collect the awnings, the hanging clothes and we will close the windows.
  • We will place the firecrackers on the ground to light them, never in the hand.
  • If a firecracker has not lit well, we will not touch it until after half an hour and we will soak it with water.
  • Avoid inserting firecrackers inside bricks, bottles, mailboxes or burying them since the detonations project shrapnel that can cause injuries.
  • Do not shoot rockets or light bonfires within 500 meters of wooded areas or in crowds of people.

If still, something goes wrong we have to know how to act in the situation. The basic rules of first aid are:

  • First of all we will soak the wounds with cold water.
  • We will remove objects that retain heat, such as rings or bracelets.
  • We will wash the wounds with soap and water.
  • We will never puncture the blisters.
  • If a foreign body gets into our eyes, we will not scratch it, we will put on a gauze pad and go directly to the doctor.
  • We will contain the bleeding with one or more clean gauze, never with cotton.
  • Even if it seems like a minor injury, it is best to see a doctor.


Now you have all the advice to be able to have a good festival of San Juan!