First aid kit with DESA DEA for vehicles

Is a defibrillator necessary for the car?

first aid kit for vehicles

First aid kit for cars, is it necessary to include a defibrillator?


Something essential that we should take in our car is a first aid kit, however, in cases of cardiac emergencies, the question arises: Should we also carry a defibrillator in our car?

Carrying a first-aid kit in the car is a big change when it comes to quickly treating possible serious injuries from a traffic accident or even ourselves in case of need. Many accidents can end up leading to a cardiorespiratory arrest, so a first-aid kit is not enough to maintain the chain of survival.

Accidents in general tend to happen at home, at work, on vacation or while traveling by car; while we drive our vehicle we can come across situations of people in cardiac arrest due to a traffic accident or a relative who suffers a sudden cardiorespiratory arrest while traveling.

At Neosalus we want to highlight the importance of having a first-aid kit for the car and open the debate on whether carrying a defibrillator is a viable option.

Defibrillators for cars with first aid kit

The inclusion of defibrillators in cars as part of the first aid kit, although it seems strange, is becoming more and more common, more and more individuals are acquiring a defibrillator to cardioprotect their family and friends against sudden death., and being a portable and small device can be taken anywhere, and why not take it in the car?.


Defibrillator for car with Neocontrol


In recent years, more and more families have acquired a private defibrillator against sudden death, a portable cardioprotection plan to be able to take it on all trips, home or on family vacations.

DESA DEA defibrillators are devices that require an economic investment, these devices require maintenance and condition supervision, including testing and replacement of electrodes and batteries. These costs could be prohibitive for many drivers, for this reason at Neosalus we make the defibrillator for cars available to all private and professional drivers in a rental and leasing mode with everything included in a comfortable monthly fee.


The ideal first aid kit should include a small DESA DEA


Although Spanish regulations do not require you to carry a first-aid kit in the car, it is very important to have a minimum kit in case of emergencies. In some specialized stores or even in large shopping centers we can easily find first-aid kits that are already prepared.

Next, from Neosalus we make the recommendation of the products that our ideal first-aid kit for the car should include:

  • antibiotic ointment
  • Antihistamines
  • Antiseptic gel to clean our hands without the need for water
  • Antiseptic bandages to clean wounds
  • Analgesics to relieve pain
  • burn ointment
  • Insect bite cream
  • Plasters and bandages of different sizes
  • Sterile gauze pads to press wounds or apply ointments
  • Tape
  • Gloves
  • Wet wipes
  • Thermometer
  • Dynamo torch, so we make sure you never run out of battery
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • a thermal blanket
  • Dressings and hemostatic agents, gauze to control massive bleeding
  • DESA defibrillator for pediatric and adult use Samaritan PAD 360P/500P

Many of these products have an expiration date so it is essential to review the products before embarking on any trip. Prior training in basic life support carried out at the time of renting the defibrillator ensures effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


The importance of defibrillators for cars, trucks and motorcycles


Remember that in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, each minute that passes reduces the victim's chances of survival by 10%, with 5 minutes being the time limit to avoid suffering serious neurological sequelae or death.


Defibrillators for private cars


The Samaritan PAD series defibrillators are powerful and small DEA DESA equipment, especially suitable for carrying them on motorcycles, cars or trucks, the smallest defibrillator for use in children and adults, the smallest devices on the market to carry them in the car, motorcycle and truck, with Neocontrol or in its transport bag.

Many places to which we travel with our car, truck or motorcycle are places far from large cities, some in remote natural areas where emergency services will take time to arrive in case of need, so in the event of a cardiac arrest, the Defibrillators are essential to preserve the chain of survival and reverse a chaotic heart rhythm during cardiopulmonary arrest.


What to do if we are involved in or witness a traffic accident


Remember that in the event of witnessing an accident or being involved in one, the law obliges you to provide assistance. We also want to remind you of the steps to follow in case of witnessing an accident with victims:

In the event that you are the first to arrive at the scene of a traffic accident, you must Follow the PAS protocol, Protect – Warn – Help.

  1. You must park the car, motorcycle or truck in a safe place if possible before arriving at the accident, turn on the emergency lights, put on a reflective vest and signal with the triangles.
  2. Assess the situation, remove the ignition keys from the accident-occupied car and call 112, giving as much information as possible, such as the kilometer point where the accident occurred, number of injured and their situation, number of vehicles involved and a detailed description.
  3. When caring for the injured, remember that they should not be taken out of the car or moved so as not to cause further injury. In case of special situations such as fires, possible explosions or subsidence, we can omit this point. We must not remove the helmet of motorcyclists in accidents and we must not rescue people in unstable vehicles.
  4. It is very important to keep victims conscious at all times while waiting for medical services to arrive. You cannot give the victim anything to drink or eat. Stay by the victim's side and try to reassure her. If necessary and as long as you have training in first aid, you can proceed to assist the victims.

Our renting and rental of defibrillators for car or home has several options with first aid courses on the road and at home, with the practices of CPR maneuvers and use of the defibrillator in situations of traffic accidents, bleeding control in massive hemorrhages , and the PAS protocol.

If you need first aid kits with DEA ​​defibrillators for your fleet of vehicles, contact our human team and we will inform you about options and possibilities of first aid kit models, with BLS + DEA training included in all the autonomous communities of Spain.


Defibrillator rental for months or season

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans with defibrillator equipment for rent with 24-hour maintenance, training and supervision of the DEA defibrillator.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT


Renting of permanent cardioprotection defibrillators

We have comprehensive cardioprotection plans with defibrillator equipment, maintenance, training and DEA 365 monitoring. Renting offers for permanent cardioprotection.


35 € / month + VAT



45 € / month + VAT