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Are you thinking of buying an AED/DESA external defibrillator? Before buying a defibrillator, it is very important that you know the regulations of your autonomous community that regulate the installation and use of defibrillators.

We only recommend buying a defibrillator in a few cases without the need for permanent cardioprotection. In the AED defibrillator regulations of each autonomous community, among other points, the obligation to install, maintain and supervise these defibrillator equipment is established, a defibrillator monitoring to verify the perfect state of operation of the DEA during the 365 days of the year.


How many defibrillators do I need to buy to cardioprotect a building?


If you would like to cardioprotect a building, you must take into account that the defibrillator installation Correct measurement requires an accurate calculation of the number of AED kits needed. This calculation will depend on the height of the building and the transit times between the cardiac rescue point and the victim in cardiorespiratory arrest, not exceeding 5 minutes from the detection of cardiorespiratory arrest and its placement.


Maintenance and supervision of DEA defibrillator equipment for purchase


It is important to note that the DEA DESA defibrillator maintenance It is mandatory in all the autonomous communities of Spain, and there are sanctions for failure to maintain defibrillators. Therefore, before buying a defibrillator, make sure you are informed about the conservation of the defibrillator with the information from the equipment manufacturer, the registration and use of the AED, and everything related to the regulations of your autonomous community.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation course and use of defibrillator


In addition to complying with the regulations and installing the defibrillators correctly, it is essential to train the people in the building in Basic Life Support (SVB) and in the use of the AED. This first aid training is a key element in the building's cardioprotection, since effective CPR with previously practiced compressions and maneuvers can make a difference in a medical emergency situation.

It is important to note that defibrillators in companies must have an automatic call to 112 or whoever the competent authority designates, just by opening the display case or through devices such as our neocontrol. However, many external defibrillators on the European and international market do not include this function and it has to be purchased as an accessory. Be sure to keep this aspect in mind when choosing the right defibrillator for your building.

In the event of sudden cardiac arrest, and to ensure a rapid and effective response, it is essential to have clear signage indicating the location of the nearest defibrillator throughout the building. This AED signage will help anyone find and use the defibrillator efficiently when every second counts.


Before buying a defibrillator, consider renting defibrillators


Before buying AED defibrillators, rate our CardioRenting


Before purchasing a defibrillator for your building or community, consider renting or contracting defibrillator renting from €35/month with our all-inclusive CardioRenting.

  1. Our connected defibrillators provide permanent cardiovascular protection with traceability of the equipment and its maintenance, we ensure the perfect state of the defibrillator with online and real-time supervision through our Cardionlive app from €45/month.
  2. We include recycling training for staff and a DEA equipment renewal plan. This way you can keep your building prepared for emergencies and ensure an effective response to sudden death.
  3. Purchasing a defibrillator is an important decision, but so is having the proper training, proper signage, and an ongoing maintenance plan.

Cardioprotect and guarantee the cardiovascular safety of your building taking into account all these aspects before purchasing an AED defibrillator in front of the rental of DEA DESA defibrillators with a price of €35/month with maintenance, training, civil liability insurance, first aid kit, showcase, signage included.