Cardiovascular health in athletes

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Cardiovascular health in athletes


La cardiovascular health in athletes It implies not only the care of the person itself, but medical check-ups that can guarantee that the body can continue assuming the demands and the rhythm of the sport that we are practicing.

These medical tests They can be effort, biomechanical studies, physiotherapeutic recovery treatments, physical rehabilitation, etc. For people who do not work professionally or do not do so regularly, there is a growing collective awareness of the importance of regular medical examinations to assess their state of health.

However, there are many athletes and people who practice sports who have never had a cardiological check-up, thus putting their health at risk without knowing it. In Spain, an average of 127 sudden deaths have been registered in people who practice sports. The main cause of these is previously undetected cardiovascular problems.

What does a basic cardiology study consist of?

Un basic cardiology study It consists of a physical examination and an electrocardiogram that will detect potentially serious cardiac abnormalities and significantly reduce sudden death episodes. Even so, there is the possibility that heart disease is not detected in a basic study, and that it can have fatal consequences.

For this reason, it is important to perform a cardio-magnetic resonance imaging (CRM), which allows the study of the function and structure of the heart in a single examination, allowing the study sequences essential to detect pathologies that can cause sudden death to be grouped in a single test. .

Hen/Stag cardiological reviews They are completely harmless and very easy to perform, especially for athletes, since they allow for the diagnosis of heart conditions and prevent them from getting worse and having serious consequences.

El main purpose of these reviews is to guarantee the athlete, regardless of the sport they practice or their age, that they can carry out the activity without putting their health at risk.

Types of cardiovascular tests for athletes

There are multiple cardiovascular tests for athletes, we can summarize three of the most recommended to prevent sudden death in athletes.

The best way to take care of ourselves is to prevent and, there are many people who may not know that they suffer from some type of heart disease and continue to subject their body to a high rate of exercise without any type of control.

Specialists recommend that periodic cardiological assessments should be made to certify that you have a healthy heart, some of these tests would be:

stress test

La stress test or ergometry It is a standardized physique that provides us with a lot of information when planning training sessions. With this, we can measure the physical level of the person and detect cardiovascular alterations that normally do not manifest with the body at rest.

These alterations can arise with physical exercise, when the heart rate increases due to exertion. Based on these tests, a cardiological assessment is made depending on the age and conditions of the patient.

Thanks to these cardiovascular tests, possible coronary diseases can be ruled out and other types of pathologies that may have an influence are assessed.


It is a non-invasive test that offers us information about cardiac activity on the surface of the organism. It provides a large amount of information and can help us rule out certain basal anomalies.


Hen/Stag echocardiograms It is a type of invasive and painless test that detects possible heart problems in different profiles of athletes according to their age.

It allows mainly to rule out structural heart disease that occurs in people under 35 and in groups older than that age, rules out aortic level diseases or systolic dysfunction.

When is this type of testing recommended?

Hen/Stag cardiovascular tests for athletes It is recommended to do it especially at the beginning of the seasons, the beginning of the practice of a new sport for example, it is also a good time to carry out stress tests.

Faced with sporting events such as a triathlon or marathons, even specific competitions, they also have a slightly elevated risk of heart problems, which is why it is recommended to do them prior to the event.

From Neosalus We are committed to a healthy cardiovascular health to avoid accidents, and that in the event of an accident of this type knowing how to react and how to act to save the life of the victim.