Risks of air pollution to health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is the greatest environmental risk to health. In fact, it is related to multiple respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and even lung cancer. The polluting particles and gases with the greatest impact on our health are a consequence of the use of fossil fuels, the emissions of … Read more

Can I request the installation of defibrillators on my stairs?

Installation of defibrillators Today the installation of defibrillators is a process that requires very little time compared to the benefits that offers to the space where it is installed. This device is usually seen in the reception area of ​​shopping centers, hotels, companies, town halls, etc. At present it is present in a multitude of … Read more

Merry Christmas and Happy 2019

From Neosalus we want to thank the trust that you place in us day after day to help us take cardioprotection one step further. Our team of professionals looks forward to 2019 with great desire to continue innovating, improving and working hard so that cardioprotection throughout the territory is a reality. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 🎄🎁🎄  

When should I go to the cardiologist?

Factors to take into account If you have had chest pain for a few days and an acquaintance has assured you that you could have a heart problem, you should take into account some aspects that take on weight in these situations. What symptoms should make us visit the cardiologist? Shortness of breath (dyspnea): This … Read more

Cardiovascular risks to avoid

When we talk about cardiovascular risk we must bear in mind that it largely falls on us, our habits and customs so that our cardiovascular health is optimal. It should be said that there is always a% that is not in our hands like now, heart diseases and ailments and our genetics. However, approximately 80% … Read more

Noise and air pollution can lead to cardiovascular disease

There are several risk factors that influence a person’s chances of developing cardiovascular disease . Among them are other diseases such as cholesterol or obesity, in addition to smoking or stress. Many times, the effects that stress causes on people’s health are not taken into account, specifically, on how it affects cardiovascular health. But the … Read more

Smoking is also associated with cardiovascular disease

Today we know that smoking damages our body and decreases our health. The main disease associated with smoking is cancer, but there are many other diseases such as cardiovascular disease , osteoporosis or asthma. This is because the toxic substances in cigarettes damage the arteries and increase the chances of blood clots. In addition, the … Read more