How to maintain your defibrillator?

Mantenimiento de tu desfibrilador

Why is the maintenance of my equipment important?   Carrying out a continuous maintenance of the state of the defibrillators will allow their optimal result at the time they are going to be used. It is important to bear in mind that this type of machinery is not used on a regular basis, so it … Read more

Ways to get a defibrillator

Formas de adquirir un desfibrilador

There are different ways to acquire a defibrillator ; buy or rent the equipment. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages and the form of acquisition will depend on the needs of each client. It is important to choose companies that are authorized to distribute this type of external equipment and that comply with the … Read more

Defibrillators for companies, everything you need to know


Defibrillators for companies are important regardless of the business model or the activity carried out in your company, it is convenient to be able to guarantee your workers the necessary measures to obtain a safe work space. This guarantee is included in the Prevention of Occupational Risks Law in article 14, which establishes that workers … Read more

The importance of having a cardioprotected space in your company


Why have a cardioprotected space Nowadays, more and more companies prioritize the health of their workers and create cardioprotected spaces both in work areas and in common areas of the company. Including this decision within the company’s policies will help reduce the high numbers of workplace accidents that can be contracted by cardiovascular diseases. It … Read more

Automatic or semi-automatic defibrillator: Which one should I choose?


Having a cardioprotected space means having a defibrillator operating, and that it is ready to use in an emergency. However, one of the most common doubts our clients have is: what type of defibrillator do I choose? There are two types of defibrillators: automatic defibrillators and semi-automatic defibrillators. Normally, in Spain most of the installations … Read more

The importance of working in a cardioprotected space


We spend a large part of our time working. There are millions of tasks to perform in a multitude of different jobs, without forgetting that work stress among male and female workers is increasing, as is sedentary lifestyle related to work activity, unbridled hours, coordinated jobs, insufficient rest and the hours in front of the … Read more

How should you react to a choking?


When the brain does not receive oxygen for more than four minutes, permanent brain damage can occur and, in the worst case, death. Knowing how to act in the presence of someone who is drowning either due to the obstruction of some food or other element is crucial. First of all, you should know that … Read more

Neosalus wishes you happy holidays!


Christmas is here! We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and remind you of the importance of enjoying cardio-protected parties. You must bear in mind that, during this time, we ingest 30% more calories than normal due to excess food and drink. That increases the chances of suffering a cardiovascular … Read more

Cardioprotected tourism: a reality that more Spanish hotels are betting on every day


Cardioprotected tourism is a growing trend. More and more cities and hotels are betting on cardioprotected spaces, either because the regulations of the Autonomous Community oblige them, for awareness or to give a better image to their customers. These cardioprotected hotels have all the necessary resources to provide immediate assistance to victims of cardiac arrest. … Read more