Alpicat, cardioprotected municipality

This past summer, seven new automatic external defibrillators have been installed in the municipality of Alpicat, joining the four they already had. With this, Alpicat is one of the first cardioprotected municipalities in Lleida.

These defibrillators are the result of a project that the Lleida Provincial Council promotes with the support of Neosalus, with the aim of cardioprotecting all municipal public buildings. This project is not only based on the installation of the devices, but on the implementation of measures that aim to act in the prevention of health and in the maintenance of public health safety throughout the municipality.

Until now Alpicat had four defibrillators, located in the pavilion, the football field, in the office and in the car of the municipal agents. The new devices will be located at the entrance of the Casal (where the Casal de Avis, Alpicat Radio and the headquarters of different associations of the municipality are located), on the second floor of La Unión (headquarters of the Young Point, the School of Music and the Dance School), at the San Bartolomé Library, at the La Estrella nursery, at the Luna nursery, at the Dr. Serés School and at the Alpicat Town Hall.

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