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Cardiovascular health in the elderly

Every day we are walking the road to old age almost without realizing it and once we have reached this stage, our organs, muscles and bones are no longer what they were years ago. In this stage, great

Regulations for cardioprotected public spaces

Regional legislation, together with increasing people’s awareness and the ease of use of defibrillators, is favoring the development of cardioprotected public spaces . Currently, there are already seven autonomous communities in which their installation and correct maintenance is

World Diabetes Day

Today, November 14, World Diabetes Day is celebrated, as a means to raise awareness about this disease, knowing the causes, symptoms and treatment of a disease that is increasingly on the rise throughout the world. And on the

Technology at the service of cardiovascular health

Every year 30,000 people die from cardiac arrest in Spain, of which 25% are witnessed by people who could save their lives if they had a defibrillator at hand. We can all be a victim. People, that is,

Cardiovascular health in athletes

If you are an athlete, you should know that medical check-ups are the guarantee that our body can meet the demands and rhythm of the sport we practice. Be it stress tests, biomechanical studies, physiotherapeutic recovery treatments, physical

World Heart Day

Today September 29 is World Heart Day, and today cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. Cardiovascular disease, which includes heart and cerebrovascular disease, is responsible for 17.5 million premature deaths. If we do

Stress, the great enemy of our heart

Do you suffer from stress? Stress is caused by a set of situations and how our body perceives it, thus causing nervousness in the person and causing psychological or psychosomatic reactions. This disease produces hyperactivity in the amygdala,

First aid kit in the car, what should we bring?

We don’t usually do that, but carrying a first aid kit in the car can be a big change when it comes to quickly dealing with potential traffic accident victims or even ourselves in case of need. Although

Esparreguera becomes a cardioprotected city

The installation of 9 defibrillators in different parts of the city of Esparreguera, makes it a new cardioprotected city. The Esparreguera City Council has installed 9 defibrillators in different municipal facilities of the city. The installation of defibrillators,