June 1, National Donor Day

Neosalus supports the Jaume Arnó Renal Foundation at its information table on National Donor Day

On June 1, on the occasion of the National Organ and Tissue Donor Day, the Jaume Arnó Renal Foundation traveled to the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital to collaborate with the initiative of Dr. Mariona Badia, transplant coordinator at the Arnau de Vilanova Hospital , to provide information and disseminate about the social importance of organ donation. For this they had the collaboration of liver and kidney transplant volunteers, who, grateful and fully convinced that organ donation has given them a second chance, were delighted to inform everyone who came to the table to ask questions and resolve doubts. . They are the living testimony that the end of one story can be the beginning of many others. Become a donor and save lives!

We leave you a video about the donation of organs from the Renal Jaume Arnó Foundation